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There are Certain Key Traits That Burberry Sunglasses Hold

Posted on April 07 2016

The classic red plaid and taupe of a Burberry scarf are such a highly recognized design that it is quite difficult to copy. But this is not always the case with Burberry sunglasses, which makes authenticity difficult to determine, especially under an untrained eye. But there are certain key traits that Burberry sunglasses hold that help ensures you are buying the real deal and not a knockoff.

Let’s start with the box which housed the Burberry sunglasses. New, authentic Burberry sunglasses are packaged is a retail box with the Burberry knight emblazed on the front. Carefully check this logo against the official Burberry seal for consistencies, or as the case may be, inconsistencies. Take careful look at the details in the knight. A real retail box will also have a label that details manufacturing information.

New Burberry sunglasses come with a certificate of guarantee from the manufacturer. Inside this single-staples pamphlet is space for details about the retailer. New Burberry sunglasses are also accompanied by a little booklet full of neat information. Carefully read through this information checking for consistent fonts, correct alignment and errors in spelling and punctuation as these are clues as to the authenticity.

On the inside right temple arm of authentic Burberry sunglasses, you will see the Burberry name followed by “Made in Italy.” On the left temple arm of authentic Burberry sunglasses, you will find a model number starting with the letter B and followed with frame and lens measurements. And on the upper right lens, you will find a serial number cleanly etched into the lens.

Hopefully, this will keep you from making an ill-informed purchase.

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