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Wearing Men’s or Women’s Designer Sunglasses on Cloudy Days Makes Total Sense

Posted on March 08 2016

While we may agree that wearing sunglasses at night (cue up Corey Hart) or indoors can be rather silly depending on the reasoning, we disagree with those who question wearing sunglasses in the winter or on days when the sun is obscured by clouds. Wearing men’s or women’s designer sunglasses on cloudy days makes total sense. Here are a few reasons to wear sunglasses all year round.

There are days when even the most sociable people want to remain unbothered. Sunglasses have become the ultimate do not disturb sign as they limit the amount of eye contact that can be made, discouraging unwanted attention. So if you desire to stroll down a busy sidewalk in peace, slap on a pair of designer sunglasses.

There are a number of women out there who would never even consider leaving their home without wearing makeup. But wearing a pair of designer sunglasses eliminates the need for eye makeup. So next time you are dying for a caramel macchiato but don’t have the time or patience to put makeup on first, grab your Prada sunglasses and nobody's the wiser. Look out Starbucks, here you come!

It might not have occurred to you that UV rays are present all year long, not just in the simmering heat of the summer sun. So regardless the season, or the weather for that matter, you are in danger of exposing your eyes to the harmful rays of the sun. So by wearing designer sunglasses, you keep your eyes protected, even on those cloudy days.

The UV rays from the sun cause premature aging and wrinkles, which is something everybody would like to avoid. It is a great reason to buy the biggest and most obnoxious looking designer sunglasses. The bigger the frames, the more area around the eyes that remain protected from the sun. So basically, sunglasses help you remain younger looking.

Let’s not lose sight (pun intended) of the fact that sunglasses are also a great fashion accessory, even in the winter. Sure, those Persol sunglasses look great while you are wearing shorts and a cute top, but they also look fantastic when you are wearing boots and a winter coat. Sunglasses are the perfect addition to any type of seasonal wear.

There have actually been a few studies that suggest sunglasses help you see better while driving, even on cloudy and rainy days. Of course, sunglasses cut down on glare on sunny days, so now you have a good reason to wear sunglasses whenever you drive during the day.

On those days when the weather is windy, unprotected eyes can suffer irritation from dust and other debris. The best way to protect your eyes in windy conditions is by wearing a pair of Ray-Ban designer sunglasses. Actually, any brand sunglasses will do.

So as you can clearly see (again, pun intended) it makes good sense to wear your designer sunglasses in all types of weather conditions, not just when the sun is out. So visit our website and pick out a nice pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses today.

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