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How do I submit a prescription with my order?

Simply attach a scanned copy or photo of your prescription when adding an eyeglass frame to your order. You can alternatively fax your prescription to (516) 352-2438. When faxing your prescription please add your full name, phone number and order number to a cover sheet.

We can also contact your eye doctor directly for you and get your prescription details. Just select the corresponding option when adding lenses to your order.

What is Pupillary Distance (PD)?

Click here to download the below PD instructions in PDF format

Finding Your PD Number

How can I tell what size my current frame is?

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What type of lenses do you recommend for my prescription?

Generally if you have a high prescription strength (over + or - 3.00 Diopters), we recommend you select a Hi-Index Prescription Lens and a smaller frame.

A Hi-Index lens is more dense and bends light better than a lower index lens (like plastic lenses). Since Hi-Index lenses do a better job of bending light, less lens material is needed and the result is a thinner lens. Another way to keep lens thickness to a minimum is to select a smaller frame. A smaller frame does not need a larger lens blank. If we can start with a smaller lens blank, the finished lens will have a thinner edge and a thinner center. Also shape of the frame comes into play with higher power lenses. When selecting a shape for higher power lenses, round or oval is the best shape since the outer edges of the lens blanks (usually the thickest part of the lens) are cut away.

If you questions about lens thickness or which lens material is best for your prescription, you can call our friendly Customer Service department at (877) 275-1969.

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