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Searching for That Perfect Pair of Prada, Gucci or Versace Eyeglasses?

Posted on March 29 2016

While you are searching for that perfect pair of Prada, Gucci or Versace eyeglasses, consider that your eyes are made up of over 2 million working parts, and awful lot of pieces working together to allow you to see the world in which you live. Impressive indeed. Here are a few more facts about your eyes that many of you probably don’t know.

Let’s start off with some rather fascinating numbers. The average person blinks about 12 times every minute which equals around 10,000 blinks over the course of a day. This means that you will blink over 4 million timers each year. 

Your eyes develop when you are six weeks old and your eyelids form about a week later.

If you wear contacts or glasses, even for the purpose of reading, you represent around 60 percent of the population who need vision correction. 

Your eyes heal rather quickly, with proper care, a corneal scratch will heal in about 48 hours. 

When newborns cry, they don’t produce any tears. Tears won’t begin to flow until infants reach 4 to 6 weeks old.

Of all the muscles in your body, the muscles that control your eyes are by far the most active. 

All humans originally had brown eyes. Blue eyes appeared around 6,000 years ago as a genetic mutation. So if you have blue eyes, you share an ancestor with all the blue-eyed population. 

Your retinas have blue, red and green receptors, but the red receptor can only recognize yellow-green and your green receptor recognizes blue-green. Your brain combines these signals and turns them red. 

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