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How Wearing Women's Eyeglasses Came Back into Fashion

Posted on August 25 2015

It was only a few years ago that wearing women's eyeglasses became a part of popular culture. Before then, glasses were something reserved for librarians and grandmothers, and anyone who had to wear them was begging their parents for a pair of contact lenses as soon as possible. Today, though, women's eyeglasses have been adopted by fashionistas and even achieved sex-symbol status in certain social circles. So what brought about the change? 

  • The rise of geek culture. Geek became chic in the last 10 years. Comic book fan, a board game revolution, and nerd culture on TV introduced us to the idea that geeks are actually the cool kids. The next step was adopting geek culture, and the things they wear, into our popular culture. 
  • The rise of hipster culture. Love them or hate them, you are probably wearing some of their style. The hipster culture adopted glasses and the popularity of this accessory took off like a rocket. 
  • The rise of individual expression. We love expressing ourselves, and women's eyeglasses became another medium to do it with. Thanks to today's styles and affordable price point in our online store, you can get the women's eyeglasses you want that suit your personality and personal style perfectly. 

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