How To Adjust Your Ray-Ban RX7047 Eyeglasses At Home?

How To Adjust Your Ray-Ban RX7047 Eyeglasses At Home?

The Ray-ban RX7047 is a beautiful, sleek, and modern pair of eyeglasses. The functionality of these ray ban frames is perfect for those who work in the fashion industry or need to wear glasses daily. However, there may be times when you want to adjust your rx7407 ray ban eyeglasses at home without going through the hassle of visiting an optometrist. Small modifications to your prescription lenses can be made at home to produce a more comfortable fit. We'll show you and teach you how to make these adjustments fast and safely in this article.


How To Align Your Ray-Ban RX7047 Eyeglasses?

Your Ray Ban Rx7047 is aligned in a typical way. If you place them face-up on a flat surface, they should rest in a perfectly balanced posture. Both templates are parallel to the surface and in touch with it. Both lens frames have their highest positions in contact with the surface. 

Your spectacles will, in most situations, appear precisely balanced on your face. It's possible, however, that they don't. Of course, not everyone's face is the same. If one lens width is lower than the other in the mirror, the remedy is simple enough. Simply bend the template arm down on the side of the template that is too low. You might also try bending the temple on the upper side up. 

Because the frames of your RX7047 are plastic, use a blow dryer to heat the template arm for 15 to 20 seconds before performing the modification. Alternatively, you can submerge them in hot water for 20 to 30 seconds. (Avoid using boiling water, and keep the heat away from the lenses.)

Bend the temple piece down on the low side to align your lenses. If your glasses don't sit properly on your face right out of the box, you may need to make this adjustment. Make little tweaks to this—and all—adjustments and observe how they appear and feel. Allow a minute for the plastic glasses to cool before trying them on. Repeat the process if your correction was too severe or too minor.

How To Adjust Your Frames That Sit Too High or Low?

The nose pads must be adjusted inward if your glasses slip down your nose or sit too low. You'll adjust them outwards if they pinch or sit too high on your nose. Make sure the nose pads are even on both sides.

How To Adjust Your Frames That Slip Down Your Nose?

If your Ray-ban RX7047 still slide down your nose after adjusting the nose pads—or if your frames don't have adjustable nose pads—try the following remedy.

Bend the temple piece gently down and in at the point where it curves down over your ear. The goal is to "hook" them to your ears more tightly. Apply heat to plastic frames ahead of time once again. If you want to loosen up your tight-fitting glasses, lean slightly upward and outward.

Eyeglasses That May Loosen Over Time

On each temple, most glasses include screws where the hinge is placed. While the preceding changes may be necessary, double-check your screws before bending your frames. The screws may have become loose. If so, tighten them with a small screwdriver.

How Do I Tighten My Ray-Ban RX7047?

If you wear Ray-ban eyeglasses and have been wearing them for a while, you've probably noticed that they slip off your face with time. Having to push loose glasses back up constantly can be inconvenient. They may also appear crooked and not sit properly on your face, obstructing your line of vision.

Several negative effects can occur if your glasses are out of shape or lose, including:

  • The nose pads are shifting out of position.
  • The screws on the glasses are loosening.
  • Your glasses' temple-length arms are moving out of place.

How Do I Keep my Glasses From Sliding Down My Nose?

Increasing the fit of your spectacles will keep them from slipping down your nose. The bridge width is the gap above your nose between the lenses. It should be comfortable. Cleaning your face and glasses to eliminate dirt or sweat will also help them stay on your face and prevent them from sliding down. Our cleaning kit comes with everything you need to clean your glasses and fits neatly in your pocket efficiently.

We strongly urge you to contact an optician and get your prescription glasses adjusted for you. If you see your regular optician, they will usually do this service for a free or nominal cost.

How Do You Tighten Screws on Your RX7047?

There are normally exceedingly small screws on the inner area of the temples (where the eyeglass frames and arms meet). Using a small screwdriver, tighten the screws on your RX7407. For tightening screws on your glasses, eyeglass repair kits are ideal.

If your glasses go loose again very soon, you may need to replace the screws.

Make The Adjustments Minor

Make only small adjustments to your glasses at a time. This could exacerbate the problem and make it more difficult to resolve. It's usually a good idea to go to your optician for a complete adjustment of your glasses.


It is less likely that your glasses will be damaged if you protect them from the start. When you're not wearing your glasses, remember to store them in the case that came with them. The case's sturdy shell will safeguard your glasses from being smashed, losing their shape, and becoming loose. It will also keep them safe from scratches.

Also, remember to clean your glasses with a micro cloth and clean spray regularly to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating and guarantee that you have good vision throughout the day.

If you have any questions or require assistance with frame modifications, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff. If you need new Ray Ban eyeglasses, here at Eyeglasses123, we offer exclusive savings and discounts. We also have other brands and top brands from Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada, and more! So check out our eyeglasses and sunglasses at a lower price.

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