How to Replace Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses Rubber Pieces?

How to Replace Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses Rubber Pieces?

Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses are popular sunglasses that people use to protect their eyes from the sun and other harmful ultraviolet rays. These glasses also provide a stylish look for anyone who wears them. However, over time rubber pieces can become worn out or damaged and need to be replaced. Here we will show you how to replace these Oakley flak jacket sunglasses' rubber pieces so your Oakleys don't look like junk!


How to Identify Oakley Flak Jacket lenses?

The words 'PRIZM,' 'POLARIZED,' or 'PRIZM P' will be inscribed into the lens of every genuine Oakley PRIZM eyewear. Any Oakley eyewear with an 'O' on the lens that isn't prescription is a fake. If you get an Oakley prescription eyewear, however, the lens will have the 'O' engraving. There will be no markings on the lens if your sunglasses feature non-PRIZM lenses. Oakley High Definition Optics ensure that your sunglasses are as straightforward as possible. Images may be warped or appear larger than they are with traditional sunglass lenses. Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ  lenses provide a more precise and accurate vision of your surroundings, with no fuzziness or blur with the frame material.

How to Change out Oakley Flak Jacket lenses?

Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses feature Switchlock TechnologyTM, making changing lenses to fit your surroundings as simple as flipping a switch. Here's how to do it:

Oakley Lenses are being removed.

1. On your sunglasses, look for the switch at the left temple.

2. Gently press the switch down with your thumb.

3. Gently push the lens out between your thumb and index finger, starting with the side closest to the switch.

Installation of Oakley Lenses

1. Choose a new lens and place it in the lens slot, beginning with the side closest to the nose.

2. Return the switch to its upward, locked position after the lens is in place.

3. Carry on with the right side in the same manner.

How to Replace parts on Oakley Flak Sunglasses?

Oakley Lenses are being removed.

1. While holding the lens with the other hand, place the index finger of one hand into the nose bridge and the thumb of the same hand on top of the frame, as illustrated.

2. Flex the nose bridge towards you using your index finger while pushing the top of the frame down with your thumb, as illustrated.

3. Pull the lens out of the groove with the opposite hand.

Installation of Oakley Lenses

1. Slide the outer lens tab into the frame while holding the frame and lens together, as shown.

2. Align the inner lens tab in the frame groove and gently slip the lens into the lens groove.

3. Hold the lens firmly in one hand and move the other hand's thumb along the top of the frame until the inner lens tab snaps into place.

How to put rubber on Oakley Flak Sunglasses?

It's easy for things to start looking the same in a world of mass production, mass marketing, and mass media. If you'd want to add a little flair to your Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ sunglasses and break free from the monotony, here are some recommendations on how to do it.

Nobody ever said you had to wear your sunglasses in the same hue they came in. The lenses in most frames may be readily removed and replaced. A big statement is always made with dramatic flashes of reflected color and replacement lenses and interchangeable lenses.

You can probably replace any rubber components in your frames, such as ear sleeves, temple sleeves, or nose bombs. However, changing the color and adding new rubber kits to an old structure can make it look brand new and completely different with no effort.

How to Choose the right Oakley Lenses?

PrizmTM lenses are compatible with all Oakley sunglasses and sportswear. The following are the several varieties of PrizmTM lenses that Oakley offers:

Every lens can be polarized and coated with an anti-reflective (AR) coating to shield your eyes from glare. Oakley PrizmTM lens technology is an attractive option when deciding what type of lens is ideal for your Oakleys. This new lens type is unique because it improves vision detail for a particular sport or activity. In addition, every Oakley PrizmTM lens is built of plutonic polycarbonate, which can protect your eyes from all wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation as well as HEV (blue light) rays with enhanced lens coverage.

If you're looking for a pair of Oakleys for sport or everyday wear, you have a lot of alternatives. Remember to use all of the lens options Oakley provides to maximize your eye protection, and don't forget that your PrizmTM lenses can be Polarized lenses or coated with an Iridium coating.

If you already own a pair of Flak Jacket Oakley sunglasses or are thinking about getting a team, we hope this guide has helped you understand your options. Our website strives to keep you informed about our top brands and the lens alternatives available for them. So check out our website if you're looking for high-quality Oakley sunglasses.

How to tell the Model on the Oakley Flak Sunglasses?

The elliptical or square "O" on many Oakleys can be pulled out and replaced with a different color. Some versions, like the Batwolf and Dispatch II, were built with interchangeable icons in mind. However, the symbols on other arrangements, such as the Flak Jacket, were not designed to be swapped out.

If the icon isn't molded or welded to the frame, you can (theoretically) swap it out. These can be obtained on Oakley's website as well as on other marketplaces. Because Oakley owns the trademark on the "O," any icons you find should be made entirely by Oakley.

How to Clean Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses?

When the assistants at the Oakley store offer this merchandise, you might think they're just trying to sell you something. They are, nevertheless, attempting to assist you in protecting your Oakley investment. Oakley's Lens Cleaning Tool contains a spray bottle with their proprietary cleaning compound, a microfiber cloth, and a flathead/Philips screwdriver kit for those with a metal frame. In addition, their exclusive lens cleaning technique includes less than 5% alcohol by volume so that it won't harm your Oakley sunglasses frame or lenses.

Is Oakley Flak Worth it?

Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ polarized sunglasses are, as you might imagine from a luxury brand, a little pricey. A nice pair of Oakley sunglasses will cost you between $100 and $200 and a price match promise. However, if you're asking whether they're worth it, the answer is yes. Every pair of Oakley glasses is put through rigorous testing to ensure that it meets or exceeds the highest ANSI standard for high-velocity impact, so you should be fine if you get hit in the face by a football. The M-Frame glasses from Oakley are also certified as shooting or industrial safety glasses.

Oakleys are known for their rigid frames and scratch-resistant lenses. Oakleys filter dangerous ultraviolet radiation through the lens rather than a coating on the surface, so even if your scratch-resistant lenses are scratched or scraped, you won't lose your protection. A hydrophobic coating on some Oakley lenses prevents sweat, rain, or even lotion and sunscreen from leaving stains or streaks. If you've ever owned a pair of non-Oakley sunglasses, you know how time-consuming it can be to keep them clean. When it comes to fashion, Oakley has carved out a distinct niche in the market. Oakleys are a unique blend of ingenuity and quality with awesome new prescription sunglasses.


Oakley is one of the most well-known and well-respected sunglasses brands. Oakley sunglasses like a half jacket are created with considerable care and precision. No other brand compares in terms of comfort, style, durability, and visual clarity.

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