Oakley Airdrop What Color are They?

Oakley Airdrop What Color are They?

The Oakley Airdrop sunglasses come in six colors, pink, black, lime green, violet, purple metallic silver-black gradients, blue iridium, and teal.

Oakley is the leading brand when it comes to protective eyewear. They are using groundbreaking technology that sets them apart--think of their O-Matter material that dissipates force upon impact. Oakley is committed to developing better products that let you live your life without limitations. So if you're looking for the best way to protect your eyes while also looking great doing it, then look no further than Oakleys! 

Mens sunglasses come in almost any color imaginable. You need to know your style and preference and then look through our selection for the perfect option for you. If you're looking to buy a gift, we do offer monogramming at no additional charge.


Satin Black Frame

Oakley Half Jacket with Satin Black Frame Sunglasses makes a secure appearance. Oakley's design and style use the latest technology, making them powerful and exclusive. This model is suitable for sports use, outdoor activities, driving, and air conditions under 16 degrees Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit).

The Oakley Half Jacket with Satin Black Frame sunglasses features classic wrap-around styling that enhances optical precision with its patented Unobtainium earsocks adjustable nosepiece for optimal comfort. In addition, the blue-tinted lenses provide 100% UV protection while giving athletes uncompromised peripheral vision thanks to its wrap-around coverage; it's also adjustable to nearsightedness with two lens options - single-layer convex clear or double-layer concave gray iridium.


Grey Shadow Frame

Oakley is another company that produces polarized lenses that are in the mid-price range. They make both sports frames and more casual frames in a wide array of styles, including this lovely Grey Shadow Frame, which comes with the Oakley PRIZM technology to make sure you get top-quality photos whether they are still or in motion. Thanks to their patented Three-Point Fit system, they have also upheld their reputation for being some of the most comfortable shades on the market today. Oakley offers many different variations of these shades, depending on where you would need them most.

Black Ink Frame

The black ink frame will help with glare and is ideal for night riding. Oakley has recently updated their iconic frames and iconic FLAK sunglass lenses to give them a mirrored, reflective quality that reduces bright light and contrasts in dark environments. Their XL fit is perfect for people who favor smaller sunglasses frames or eyeglasses wearers who want a more straightforward adjustment from glasses to goggles. Black Ink Frames are the most versatile color option and can be worn anytime with anything. Shop Oakley Flak 2.0 XL today and enjoy free shipping and returns on all orders!

Satin Corten Frame

The Satin Corten Frame by OAKLEY PRIZM offers a classic look with modern lens technology. It features stainless steel arms and nose pads, polarized lenses, and the best protection options for your eyes.

Oakley is known for its time-honored designs paired with innovative technologies. They can provide you with superior defense against bright light, UV rays, polluted air particles, pollen allergens, water droplets—anything that could harm your vision. Investing in excellent eyewear is an investment in crafting an everyday lifestyle that's more vibrant than ever before.

Satin Frame

The satin OO4139 frame is a premium edition to Oakley models and typically features a durable polycarbonate frame; they are also much softer than other glossier oaks. You wouldn't want to put it in your pocket when you go out. More importantly, satin helps the ROLEX lens deform less during drops, making these shades significantly more durable than other Oakleys with a transparent lens or rose, brown and green lenses. So if you're the kind of person that knows how to treat their shades well, then this could be an excellent purchase for you! It's important to note that satin does not affect the image quality of your glasses because it does not cover any part of where light would come through, so it's strictly just about durability and comfort.




Satin Light Steel Frame

Satin Light Steel Frame is the most advanced technology in performance eyewear ever created. Oakley was a breakthrough brand when it first introduced Oakleys in the late 70s. As a result, when you put on your round sunglasses, the world looks different. You could finally see more color and contrast during both day and night. It's this experience that led to them calling their lenses "O Matter" or, in other words, a matter that mattered. So when they created innovative frames such as these Satin Light Steel Frames with O Matter lenses--they were meeting another important need for today's modern lifestyle. The OAKLEY Prizm technology has gone beyond tracking data to enhance sight for tactical athletes and military personnel intelligently, now also optimized for outdoor recreation use.

Satin Balsam/Black Frame

The Satin Balsam/Black Frame from OAKLEY OO9454A PRIZM offers a stylish frames, lightweight frame with the perfect coverage to reduce glare.

The OAKLEY sunglasses provide a comfortable and seamless fit around your ears and temples for a secure hold during long hikes or other outdoor activities. In addition, Oakley offers a range of lens compatibility for different lighting conditions, including persimmon, bronze mirrored, black iridium polarized-glass lenses that have been studied extensively by Oakley's optics trademark. These gradient lenses will also work well for those who experience eye sensitivity since they block harmful UV rays and distracting light bursts, which can cause blurred vision at times.




Grey Shadow Frame

The PRIZM technology in the OAKLEY Grey Shadow Frame line of best sunglasses is designed to block out blue light that can cause eye strain, fatigue, and headache. The color red is the least disruptive because we don't need it for clarity and contrast, so the Grey Shadow Frames deliver 85% RED and 15% BLUE light protection. This offers 100% UV protection and glare reduction to preserve your vision while you're out enjoying the day with these stylish sunglasses and functional sunglasses!


Oakley sunglasses are stylish and cool. They come in a wide range of colors to suit your personality, mood, or outfit for the day. Best men's sunglasses offer a large selection of frame shapes (face shapes) and styles from which you can choose with options including black ink frame, grey shadow frame, and more! If you're looking for something unique that will make people stop and notice when they see you wearing them on the street, then this is it. You'll be able to find exactly what's suitable for your look without breaking the bank because Oakleys aren't expensive at all! All these different shades mean there's an option out there that fits everyone perfectly, so don't miss out by not checking them out today!


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