What is High Definition Optics in Oakley TwoFace Sunglasses?

What is High Definition Optics in Oakley TwoFace Sunglasses?

You probably know that Oakley Twoface is made of Oakley sunglasses, but you may not know what High Definition Optics (HDO) is. HDO is a material that has been used in the production of Oakleys for many years now. This article will explore some of the Oakleys with HDO and how it can help your vision!


What is Oakley High Definition Optics (HDO)?

Oakley HDO, or Oakley High Definition Optics, is the brand's patented lens technology for better clarity and protection. In addition, HDO lenses provide numerous major benefits when combined with Oakley's impact-resistant Plutonite lens material, as mentioned below.

HDO Highlights

Safety and performance have been improved to the point that they now exceed the American National Standard Institute's testing standards (ANSI)

  • Clarity has been improved to provide a more accurate image of the world.
  • Eye strain and bright light contrast are reduced by minimal distortion and glare.
  • UV rays and damaging blue light up to 400nm are completely blocked.

How Does High Definition Optics Work?

Oakley HDO works by focusing light on a single point in front of your eye. This means you can view the world around you in its correct position and with the most accurate representation possible. Non-Oakley lenses, on the other hand, frequently reflect light into many locations, causing shifting and distortion. In addition, ordinary lenses will typically create two representations of what you're seeing for your brain to put together by reflecting light into more than one area.

This is why certain less expensive sunglasses can give you headaches if you wear them all day.

How Are High Definition Optics Lenses Tested in Oakley Two Face Sunglasses?

Oakley conducts some of the most rigorous testings in the eyewear industry, and it shows just like in Oakley sunglasses Twoface

Because Oakley lenses fulfill ANSI requirements, they often use a scope and laser to perform two tests.

The first laser test that was conducted displays how the eyewear's curvature and form reflect light into your eye. Second, the scope test, also known as a clarity test, determines the lens material's purity and how it influences the clarity of your lens.

These tests are in addition to Oakley's extensive impact and high-velocity tests.

Do All Oakleys Have HDO lenses?

Yes, High Definition Optics technology is used in every pair of Oakley sunglasses and lenses, including Oakley Twoface Lenses sunglasses, to deliver the most accurate picture of the world around you.

This includes Prizm and Prizm Polarized lenses, which help minimize glare, increase depth perception, and enhance color for optimal performance. This means that whether you're on your bike spotting other road riders or on the golf course identifying bunkers and water hazards, the Oakley Twoface prizm lenses will provide you with the same glare protection and color enhancement as elite athletes.

Do HDO Lenses Count as Safety Glasses?

Even if Oakley HDO lenses meet or exceed ANSI criteria, they do not automatically qualify as safety glasses.

To qualify as safety glasses, both the frame materials and the lens must meet ANSI criteria. For Oakley glasses that qualify as safety glasses, look for the Z87.1 stamp on the earstems.

Are Oakley Two Face HDO Lenses Polarized?

No, HDO lenses can be polarized, but they are not polarized by default.

However, because HDO is incorporated into every Oakley lens, you'll find it in every normal, Prizm, and Polarized model. Oakley HDPolarization, which combines HDO and Polarized technology, takes polarized lenses to the next level by reducing glare.

Liquid infusion molding is used in Oakley's HDPolarized lenses to create polarized coating layers that don't distort your vision and don't wear out over time.

Each pair of Oakley polarized lenses like Oakley Twoface Sunglasses is created simultaneously to center the polarization axis, preventing any undesirable distortion. This means that your lenses are free of flaws and are designed to operate at their best.

Do Oakley Goggles Use High Definition Optics?

Yes, HDO lenses are used in Oakley skiing, snowboarding, and motocross goggles for optimal clarity and UV protection on the trails.

You can also get your Oakley goggles with the latest Prizm Snow lenses with High Definition Optics, just like the greatest Olympic and elite athletes around the world. And they're all made exclusively for skiers and snowboarders on the slopes!

Is HDO Technology Available With Prescription Lenses?

Yes, High Definition Optics technology is used in all Oakley prescription lenses to deliver unmatched clarity.

This includes all Oakley single, bi-focal, and progressive lenses. This means you can receive the exact prescription lenses you need without sacrificing innovation!


HDO (High Definition Optics) is a technology used in all Oakley sunglasses, including the Oakley TwoFace. HDO lenses provide the cleanest, sharpest, and most accurate vision and superior optical quality available through sunglasses. In addition, an HDO lens gives you a more accurate and truer view. Rooted in surf and skate culture, Oakley went double-barrel with square frame material to create the Twoface Oakley If you're looking for the best store to buy your Oakley twoface, we have here at Eyeglasses123! We have various lens options that you can choose from. To know more details about the Oakley sunglasses, contact us today!

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