What Is Oakley Flak Jacket Asian Fit C to Oakley Regular Fit?


Oakley is one of the world's leading brands in performance eyewear. For those who are interested, the Oakley flak jacket Asian fit vs Oakley regular fit may be an important consideration. The difference between Oakley flak jacket Asian fit and Oakley regular fit is that Oakley flak jacket Asian fits have a smaller lens than Oakley without Asian Fit lenses. Oakley's with Asian Fit lenses also feature nose pads to ensure the best comfort for Asian faces.

What are Standard Fit Sunglasses?

Oakley sunglasses are known for their standard fit, which is an essential/classic sizing designation. This label serves as a point of comparison between standard and Asian fit. Oakley Asian Fit Sunglasses are made for people with flatter faces and higher cheekbones. Thicker nose pads assist raise the sunglasses off the front and compensate for a flatter nose bridge with these sunglasses.

The frame chassis on the Flak jacket XLJ is much broader and flatter than on the standard-fit version. The bottoms of many half-rim Asian Fit sport frame lenses are similarly trimmed flat to avoid contact with the face.


What is Oakley Asian Fit?

Oakley Low Bridge Fit sunglasses are designed to fit high cheekbones, a flatter nose, and a shorter space between their nose and ears.

These characteristics are more common in Asian people than in people of other races, so these sunglasses were previously known as Asian Fit. However, Oakley has rebranded this model to Low Bridge Fit to be more accessible.

Oakley Low Bridge Fit vs. Standard Fit Sunglasses

The difference between an Oakley Low Bridge and a Standard Bridge will vary from frame to frame (more on that below). However, a Low Bridge fit will alter one or more elements of your sunglasses, such as:

  • Larger Nose Pads – Low Bridge fit nose pads are longer and more extensive than the standard parts. This provides additional surface area and grip for sitting on a flatter nose.
  • Increased Ear stem Wrap / Curve– Some Low Bridge fit ear stems may be longer and feature a raised frame wrap or curve to better grip your face (we’ve highlighted these pairs below)
  • Shorter Lenses – To accommodate higher cheekbones, some Low Bridge fit Oakley lenses feature faster lenses than the standard frame and lens technology.
  • Different Colorways / Lens Colors – While not directly related to fit, like the OO9454A sunglasses several Low Bridge Fit frames feature unique colorways or lens tints. Ruben Suarez suggests that the lighter lens colors of Low Bridge Fit appear because, in Asia the laser protective lenses, it’s disrespectful not to be able to see one’s eyes




Which Frames Have Exclusive Differences?

As previously stated, Low Bridge fit varies from frame to frame. This implies that some of the earlier Low Bridge Fit models have a different frame geometry than the newer Low Bridge Fit designs, so be careful when swapping lenses without verifying! Additionally, due to the XYZ optics orientation, if the frame angles are slightly varied, they will most likely require different lenses also for prescription lenses.

Oakley's with a low bridge often have different-sized nosepieces. However, this varies from model to model. Oakley also released several size sports nosepieces for Low Bridge fit after 2005.

Low Bridge Fit Oakley's With Larger Nosepiece(s)

Unlike the pairs above, many Oakley frames are identical in Standard and Low Bridge fits, except for a larger nosepiece. These frames have been noted below:

  • EV Zero
  • Fast Jackets
  • Flak 2.0, OO9271
  • Half Jacket 
  • Jawbreaker 
  • Pitbull
  • Racing Jacket
  • Radarlock 
  • Romeo 2 
  • Scalpels 
  • Script




What is The Basic and Measurements in Nose Bridges

As you can see, if the bridge of your glasses does not fit correctly, you may experience some ongoing discomfort. So instead, you should make sure that your glasses have the proper bridge fit. You should be able to turn your head and wriggle your head from side to side without your glasses falling or sliding up or down.

Put, while buying glasses, you should factor in the width of the bridge. The distance between the lenses from the inside of the rim across the frame is known as bridge width. Bridge width is the middle (second) number in the usual three-number format used in eyeglass frame measurements. If you already wear acetate frames, you should be able to see your bridge width on your glasses because it is imprinted on them. One good tip is to take a selfie of your profile from there (the side of your face). It's safe to assume that if your bridge is below or at the level of your pupils, you have a small bridge. Modest bridge size is defined as one that is between the ages of 16 and 18. If, on the other hand, your bridge is higher than your pupils or broader than average, the size of your bridge will be larger (approximately 19 to 21).

There are various more elements to consider in addition to this estimate. Your nasal bridge's position is also essential. If your bridge is more significant, for example, you may want to choose frames with a bridge that is closer to your brow line. If you have a smaller bridge size, you may wish to select frames with a curvier shape with laser protective products.

What Frames are the Best Fits For Asian Faces?

Big Square Wire, Crosshair, Half Jacket, Dartboard, Mainlink (with Triggerman Low Bridge nosepieces), Minute, Monster dog, (Pro) M-frame, Racing Jacket, Juliet, Penny Straight Jacket (it's suitable for a broadhead), polarized lenses filter by lens technology, Twenty (XX), Unknown (Asia Fit), and Warden are all good.

Frogskins (standard), Gascan OO9014, Mars, Plate, Riddle (Asia Fit), Teaspoon, and most Wire Tap 2.0 and C Wire pairings are bad.




Asia vs. Asian Fit vs. Low Bridge Fit

Initially, Oakley used the moniker "Asia Fit" rather than "Asian Fit," but wearers referred to it as Asian Fit sunglasses. According to Wade Cleveland, the firm's eyewear business unit manager, Oakley has received multiple complaints regarding the name Asian fit, primarily via customer letters. "We attempted to use the term 'alternative fit' a long time ago, and it turned out to be worse," he explains. Now, it appears that the corporation has reversed course and rebranded this style "Low Bridge" to fit across their entire collection.


Standard fit is an essential/classic sizing characteristic for Oakley flak Jacket sunglasses. This marking is used to distinguish between the standard and Asian fit. Oakley Asian Fit Sunglasses are designed for persons who have a more rounded face and higher cheekbones with interchangeable lenses and photochromic lens options.


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