What Makes the Oakley Twoface Sunglasses Good?

What makes the Oakley Twoface Sunglasses Good?

Oakley Twoface Sunglasses are a type of sunglasses that can be worn in two different ways: one way for the trail and trail running, and one way for driving or flat surfaces. This is an important feature for athletes, as it helps them use their eyes more freely while they're working out. The Oakley twoface is also made with durable materials like nylon and polycarbonate lenses which help protect your eyes from the sun's UV rays (and other elements). Oakleys have been popular since their release in 1989, so if you want to get a pair of these glasses you should not have trouble finding them!


Why buy Oakley Twoface Sunglasses?

Spring has finally here, which means longer days and more time spent outside in the sun! So with that in mind, it's time to dust out your old shades or shell some cash for the latest styles. If you're anything like us, you know how difficult it is to keep a pair of sunglasses for more than a season. Yet, sunglasses are a must-have to keep your eyes safe and your style in check, whether you lose, scratch, or grow tired of them. So we recently teamed up with our friends at Oakley Twoface lenses to put one of their newest models, the TwoFace, to the test.

Where is Oakley Twoface made?

Oakley Twoface sunglasses have been designed and manufactured in the United States of America since the company's inception (USA). Even at their Foothill Ranch headquarters, several pairs were made. However, following Luxottica's 2007 acquisition of Oakley, this began to shift. Luxottica is one of the world's leading eyewear producers and sellers. So it's no surprise that they have significant factories in Italy (where they are headquartered) and China.

However, this hasn't changed where Oakleys are made. At Oakley's Foothill Ranch headquarters, all sunglasses are still conceived and engineered in the United States. Additionally, up to 70% of Oakley components are still made in the United States. However, some parts are made in Luxottica plants in other countries.

What is Oakley's Twoface design?

As you can see, these sunglasses are pretty fashionable from a purely aesthetic aspect, but beyond their beautiful looks, the Oakley OO9189 TwoFace is also highly useful. These shades stay firmly positioned on your face even without nose or ear padding/grips. As a result, they are great for sports and relaxation.

The mid-profile form of these sunglasses appealed to us from an aesthetic standpoint. However, if you look at all of the top sunglasses manufacturers, you'll notice that huge, bulky frame materials have dominated the market recently. It's almost as though the 1980s are making a comeback. While those frame designs can look quite remarkable in photos, they're usually far too big for most people's faces.

What is the Durability of Oakley Twoface?

The build quality of these sunglasses is excellent. The O Matter and Aluminum surrounding the lenses remain hard and feel pretty strong, almost industrial, yet the limbs are wonderfully flexible and lightweight. We discovered several screws (5 in total) throughout the frame in places where many other manufacturers may have used glue.

After spending more than a month with these shades, we believe the TwoFace should be able to withstand many years of use and abuse.

Can all Oakley lenses be replaced?

The lenses on Oakley sunglasses are not interchangeable or with prism lenses. For example, suppose your Oakleys feature single or double-vision polycarbonate prescription lenses. In that case, you may replace the complete lens unit because the material is all one piece and does not separate at any point in its design. However, there will be a slight gap between the lens and Oakley's twoface frame if they have Iridium (or iridium) coated lenses. In that situation, you'll only need to change the lenses, not the full Oakley sunglasses or Oakleys ski goggles for surf and skate culture.

Three polarized choices (Polarized Straight Jacket Sunglasses), Vented Sunlenses (Oakley TwoFace Vented Sunglasses), and Three non-polarized options (Oakley TwoFace Vented Sunglasses) are available for the TwoFace (TwoFace Non-Polarized). Oakley also offers a variety of extra lenses, including UV protection with Iridium Coating for replacement lenses.

How do you change the lens in Oakley Twoface?

You'll need to take off the Oakley TwoFace arms first. This is accomplished by slipping them off the hinge section of the frame. You can easily separate each lens from its Oakleys sunglasses or Oakleys ski goggles arm for replacement purposes once they've been removed.

Clean both surfaces of your lenses with a microfiber cloth now that they've been exposed. A microfiber cloth is ideal because it is soft and won't scratch or harm the lenses of Oakley sunglasses or Oakley ski goggles.

After cleaning both surfaces of pairs lightweight, place the replacement lens in its proper location and press hard until it snaps into place on each arm of your Twoface Oakley sunglasses. Lens options for prescription sunglasses whether it is matte black prizm.

You may reinstall the Oakley sunglasses or ski goggles arms of your Oakley TwoFace glasses and enjoy a fresh set of brand-new polarized sun lenses after the lenses are firmly in their new place.

How do Oakley Twoface Sunglasses fit?

Because the Oakley TwoFace sunglasses are a medium-sized frame, they fit most faces. They're also remarkably light and comfy for their size.

One of the advantages of these Oakley glasses or Oakleys ski goggles is that they may be worn with almost any attire. While they aren't as formal as Oakley spectacles or Oakley ski goggles, we've found that they go well with both formal and informal outfits.

Is it worth buying?

Absolutely! We've tested a lot of Oakley sunglasses, and this is one of the best. Its medium-sized fit, polarized lenses (several variations available), excellent matte finish in gunmetal gray or black iridium are all appealing.

The Oakley Sunglasses Twoface are suitable for both sports and leisure. They're light but strong, and they come in a variety of colors.

The Oakley twoface sunglasses are a great value; however, if you're looking for a more expensive pair of Oakley sunglasses or ski goggles, we recommend the Oakley Radarlock Sunglasses IC lenses with Iridium Coating.


For most people seeking sunglasses, the Oakley TwoFace Sunglasses are an excellent option. They aren't the cheapest Oakleys on the market, but they include several appealing characteristics that make them worth considering if you require polarized Oakleys or Oakleys ski goggles.

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