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A frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you sell Ray-Ban prescription lens?

    Sure thing! As a Ray-Ban retailer, we've covered you regarding Ray-Ban prescription lenses featuring DST technology. These lenses are crafted to be lightweight, providing vision and improved clarity. Moreover, our Ray Ban Superior lenses are custom-made to fit your selected frame. Our progressive lenses are tailored to your needs if you require vision corrections.

    And here's the exciting part—we throw in Free Essilor premium lenses with every full-price purchase of Ray Ban eyeglasses. So, not only do you receive high-quality frames, but you also get top-notch lenses included in the deal.

  2. Do Ray-Bans have a lifetime warranty?

    Ray-Ban products, including sunglasses, eyeglass frames, and sun lenses come with a 24-month warranty that covers manufacturing defects. However, wear and tear or accidental damage are not included in this warranty coverage.

  3. Why are Ray-Bans prescription eyeglasses so expensive now?

    Ray Ban prescription eyeglasses come with a price tag due to their reputation, as a top-tier brand using top-notch materials and cutting-edge lenses. Crafted by Luxottica, a company dominating the eyewear industry worldwide they have the leverage to command premium prices. Ray Bans are renowned for their frames that resist scratches and shield against UV rays, blue light, and glare.

  4. What is the difference between Ray-Ban size 50 and 52?

    The primary distinction between a 50mm and a 52mm eyeglasses frame lies in the width of the lenses. This measurement indicates the width of one lens from side to side in millimeters. When choosing the size for your glasses it's important to consider not only the lens width but also factors, like height, bridge width, and temple length can and do change on certain models.

  5. What do the numbers on my glasses frames mean?

    When looking at your Ray Ban prescription eyeglasses the numbers, on the frames give you details about their size and fit. Here's a breakdown of what those numbers mean;1. Lens Width ( in millimeters); This number tells you how wide each lens is in the frame. For instance, if it says "50 " it means each lens is 50mm across.2. Bridge Width ( in millimeters); This measurement shows the space between the lenses over your nose bridge, which affects how well the glasses rest on your nose.3. Temple Length (in millimeters); This number reveals how the temple arms are, running from the frame to behind your ears. It's crucial, for ensuring a proper positioning of the glasses. You can find these numbers usually printed inside one of the temple arms of your glasses offering guidance for choosing frames that fit nicely and complement your face shape when shopping for glasses or sunglasses.

  6. What size is right for me?

    Choosing the size of Ray Ban eyeglasses is essential, for both comfort and style. Here are some suggestions to assist you in discovering the fit;

    Consider Your Face Width; the width of the sunglasses must match your face width to ensure that the frames enhance your features and create an appearance.
    Check Temple Fitting; The temples or arms of the glasses should extend back. Comfortably rest behind your ears. They should not press tightly against your temples. Bend far outward as this could lead to discomfort and impact the stability of the glasses.
    Assess Nose Bridge Comfort; The nose bridge of the glasses should sit comfortably on your nose without slipping down or causing any irritation. A fitted nose bridge ensures that the glasses remain in place without causing discomfort or skin irritation.
    By considering these aspects and experimenting with sizes and styles you can discover a pair of Ray-Ban eyeglasses that not only look fantastic but also provide all-day comfort.

  7. What frame materials are available?

    Ray-Ban glasses are crafted using a variety of cutting-edge materials to offer the timeless style you adore along with the functionality you require. Take your pick from acetate, lightweight titanium, and other options! The lenses of Ray Ban are truly genuine. Tailored to fit into your unique lifestyle.

  8. How much does it cost to put prescription lenses in Ray-Bans?

    Prescription lenses start at $50.00. We will be happy to replace prescription lenses in your existing frames if you need a new prescription or your lenses become scratched or damaged as long as the frame is in good enough shape to accept a new lens.

  9. Does Ray-Ban replace broken frames?

    Ray-Ban provides a 24-month warranty for any manufacturing defects on all frame parts, including sunglasses frames, eyeglasses frames, and lenses.

    Please note that the warranty does not cover damages resulting from wear and tear or accidental damage.

    If your Ray Ban frames break due to manufacturing defects, within the warranty period Ray Ban will assist you with a warranty claim. Provide a replacement pair. However, damages caused by wear and tear or accidents may not be covered under the warranty.

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