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Don't Pay Retail.

Because we are a Certified Dealer and not allowed to publicly advertise products below the MAP (Minimum Advertised Price), our "Make An Offer" gives you the flexibility and potential to access exclusive deals tailored for you.

Practically Wholesale!

Here's how it works: when a customer tells us the price they want to pay, in just a few minutes they get an email with a special price. This price isn't random ‚Äď it's the¬†guaranteed lowest price¬†you can get for that¬†authentic eyewear. Our proprietary software system ensures this by¬†instantly and intelligently comparing market prices, always landing¬†you¬†a deal that's unparalleled in value.

 Easy to Use

Find your frame, and at the bottom of the page select "Make an Offer", fill in your price you would like to pay and your email. Once you submit your request we only need a few minutes for our software system to scrape the internet to find the lowest price. Then we will email you a custom price that is the lowest price anywhere for that product.

Here are some really good reasons why you should buy from us:

 Direct-from-Manufacturer Relationships: We've cultivated direct partnerships with the manufacturers. This means we bypass middlemen and their associated markup costs, allowing us to provide you with genuine products without the additional price tag that many traditional retailers have.
  1. Innovative Inventory Management: Instead of maintaining a large physical inventory, which incurs costs related to storage, insurance, and potential unsold stock, we utilize a streamlined dropshipping model. This ensures that we only order what's needed, based on actual demand, thus reducing overhead costs.

  2. Operational Efficiency: We've harnessed the power of modern technology to optimize our business processes from order processing to customer service. This operational efficiency results in savings which we pass on to you.

  3. Volume Sales Strategy: Our competitive pricing strategy encourages a larger volume of sales. Selling more units at a slightly lower profit margin per unit often leads to greater overall profitability. It's a win-win as you get great prices and we grow our happy customer base!

  4. Digital-First Approach: By focusing on online sales, we significantly cut down on the expenses related to brick-and-mortar stores such as rent, utilities, and in-store personnel. These savings directly translate to better prices for you.

  5. Commitment to Affordability: It's a core part of our mission to make authentic eyewear accessible to all. We are constantly evaluating our business model to find ways to be more cost-effective, with the intent of sharing those savings with our customers.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. We're always here to help and ensure you have a clear vision, both literally and figuratively!
 Try "Make an Offer", No obligation, No fees, Just the lowest possible prices.

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