How to Measure Ray-Ban Aviators?

How to Measure Ray-Ban Aviators

Ray-Ban Aviators are one of the most popular Ray-Ban styles. Ray-Bans have been around for decades and they still maintain their popularity because Ray-Ban sunglasses look good on just about everyone. Ray-Ban Aviator frames come in a bunch of different shapes, colors, and sizes. It can be difficult to find your perfect fit if you don't know how to measure Ray-Ban aviators correctly! This blog post will teach you how to measure Ray-ban aviators so that you can get your perfect pair.


How do I know what size my Ray-Ban Aviators are?

If this is your first pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, use the following rule of thumb to select the correct size for you. 

  1. Take a credit card - A Standard Size lens is approximately this wide.
  2. Stand in front of the mirror - Put one tip of the credit card at the center of your nose in front of a mirror or a webcam. What happens when the other edge comes to an end?
  3. If a note touches the end of the eye:
  • If the edge of the credit card ends at the end of the eye your fit should be Standard Size.
  • If the card extends well beyond the end of the eye you should get a Large Size.
  • If instead, the credit card does not reach the end of the eye then go for a Small Size.

Aviator Fit Features

There are a few crucial things to bear in mind when searching for your Ray-Ban Aviator size before getting into the individual dimensions. Aviator sunglasses, first and foremost, have adjustable nose pads. Second, you'll notice that each Aviator size has the same bridge size as we go through the specs. Spoiler alert: it's only 14 mm wide like the Ray ban RB3025. Do not be alarmed if this bridge measurement appears to be frighteningly little! The nose pad's adjustability is the key to achieving a proper fit. First, measure the shortest distance between the lenses to determine the bridge. The frame does not, however, make touch with your face at this point. That, my friends, is the adjustable nose pad's role. What this implies for you is a one-of-a-kind, fully adjustable fit.

RB3025 55 Eyesize

The Ray-ban RB3025 Aviator 55 Eyesize is the smallest of the three Ray-Ban Aviator sizes. This value indicates the lens's widest point if you're curious about how eye size is calculated. This style might quickly appear too large when the suitable size is not picked due to the unique teardrop form. The Aviator 55 Eyesize is appropriate if you have delicate facial features or a little face. The Aviator 55 is not overbearing, despite the exceptional coverage provided by the lenses. Most ladies and men with tiny faces look great in this size.

RB3025 58 Eyesize

Ray-Ban considers the Aviator 58 Eyesize to be a "Standard" size. When there are several sized possibilities, we usually see Standard sizes. When the size is designated as Standard, it signifies that 90% of people choose that size. The 58 is a great place to start if you're new to the style and want to stay in the middle of the RB3025 Aviator sizes.

RB3025 62 Eyesize

Big heads are ecstatic! The 62 Eyesize completes the Aviator range. The RB3025 62 Eyesize, the largest of the three, is suitable for those who have trouble finding a frame that fits. If you find that most sunglasses are too small, strain your temples uncomfortably, or don't provide adequate coverage, the RB3025 62 is here to solve your problems. This is a massive frame. If you're considering the Aviator 62, you're probably already aware of the fit issues I discussed earlier. If not, the 58 is perhaps a better bet!


An observation about the Aviator 62 Eyesize. The RB3025 Aviator 62 Eyesize and the RB3026 Aviator II are two model numbers that have been flying around on this site, and I'm here to clear up the misunderstanding. The RB3025 Aviator comes in three different eye sizes. However, the RB3026 Aviator II only comes in one, the 62. The RB3026 Aviator II and the RB3025 Aviator 62 Eyesize are aesthetically identical and have the exact dimensions. In terms of color combinations, it appears that some are only available in one model number and not the other, and vice versa.


Even kids want to wear this unique look. Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses have been resized to fit your tiny. The RJ9506S Junior Aviator is as charming as sunglasses get, with all of the same features, high-quality materials, and outstanding craftsmanship. Your youngster will be overjoyed to match with you, and you'll have peace of mind knowing that their eyes are completely protected from UV radiation and polarized lenses for blue light. In our opinion, this is a win-win situation.

Ray-Ban Prescription Aviators

We recognize the significance of prescription eyewear and only offer the most fashionable options for your prescription. As a result, prescription lenses are available for all Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses. Ray-Ban prescription Aviators will quickly become your new favorite sunglasses, as they are custom-made to your vision needs and unique design. Throughout the customization process, we have helpful guidelines and tools, as well as a team of friendly opticians on hand to assist you.


Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses are a classic style that continues to remain popular today than the other brand. Yet, regardless of the Aviator's iconic character, Ray-ban logo and Ray-ban stories finding one's Aviator size remains a personal adventure and the most frequently asked question we receive! Even the most knowledgeable sunglass collectors tend to struggle with Aviator sizing, so our Ray-Ban Aviator Size Guide is here to help. We've gone over the fit characteristics from a close panel store details, broken down the specs of each Aviator size to help you figure out which Ray-Ban Aviator size is right for you!

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