How to Remove a Scratch from Ray-ban Sunglasses?

How to Remove a Scratch from Ray-ban Sunglasses

TheRay ban glasses are a staple of the ray ban brand. They have been around for years and continue to be one of the most popular models that ray bans offer. With time, however, your ray ban sunglasses may get scratched or damaged in some way. The good news is that there are ways to remove this damage so you can enjoy them again!

Does Ray-ban glasses Scratch easily?

That's both a yes and a no. The earliest Bausch & Lomb lenses were nearly tricky to scratch. However, after Ray Ban was sold to Luxottica, the market grew more split. Mineral lenses are still used in the vintage models, making them more resistant, though not as robust as those in the B&L days. The more stylish variants include plastic lenses that a strong breeze can scratch. I used to be a significant Ray-Ban fan, but the difference in frame and lens quality after Luxottica took over is remarkable and depressing. Ray-ban from authorized ray ban dealers online glasses do not get scratched easily.

How do you fix scratches on sunglasses?

Sunglasses or eyeglasses are frequently scratched in everyday use, whether dropped or damaged while participating in sports. How, on the other hand, do you repair scratched sunglasses? There are Ray-ban retailers are available online.

Sunglass lens scratches can be fixed or concealed in various ways, from massaging them with toothpaste or baking powder to simply waxing them. However, the effectiveness of these solutions is dependent on the type of lens and its coating that may affect the blue light, clear lenses, and is the signature Iconic style of the glasses like the Ray-ban RX6238

Unfortunately, none of these solutions can ensure that your sunglass lenses will be scratch-free. Ordering a replacement for the damaged lens — or, if that isn't a possibility, a new pair of scratch-resistant sunglasses — is the only foolproof solution for scratches.

How do you buff out scratches?

You'll find lots of guides online directing you to polish the surface of your lenses with toothpaste, baking soda, or even sandpaper until any scratches are gone. The procedure is simple: using a cotton ball or lint-free cloth, put the abrasive substance or cleaning to your lenses, and rub until the toothpaste or baking soda is absorbed. Rep until the scratches are no longer visible.

However, take note of the word abrasive. As appealing as these instructions may sound, using an abrasive product to "repair" scratched lenses may exacerbate the situation.

You may have removed from your smart glasses any anti-reflective or mirror coatings while polishing away enough of the lens' surface to remove apparent blemishes. Fixing scratched sunglasses lenses on your own can lessen how well they protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays or screen them from glare. In addition, your lenses' visual quality may be harmed as well, making it much more difficult to see through your sunglasses than before you "fixed" them.

Home remedies to fix scratched sunglasses

Similar to how auto wax or silver polish operates, specially made products claim to smooth or cover scratches on eyeglass or sunglass lenses. These waxy substances coat and shine your lenses, reducing the visibility of scratches and preventing additional damage.

These waxy compounds must be reapplied regularly, rendering them only a temporary remedy. They also have one major drawback: applying a waxy coating to your sunglasses' lenses may distort your eyesight every time you look through them. Overall, there is no way to "fix" scratches on your sunglasses without impairing your ability to see through them and the wearable tech. 

Does toothpaste really fix scratches?

Yes, toothpaste can help you get rid of minor paint blemishes. This is how it goes. A regular toothpaste (not gel toothpaste) has a small amount of grit, which aids in buffing out scratches. Minor scratches are most commonly found on the clear coat that covers your actual paint. Even non-abrasive toothpaste has a small quantity of abrasive material to be effective at cleaning the teeth. This abrasive component removes a small layer of plastic from the lens, resulting in a smoother surface and the removal of scratches.

Do Polarized lenses scratch easier?

Depending on the brand, polarized glasses like RX6589 can be an expensive purchase. Scratches on the lenses can hinder your capacity to see clearly, even if you didn't spend a lot of money on them. Fortunately, you can quickly repair scratches on your sunglasses at home, making them less obvious to you and the rest of the world. Plastic and glass lenses are fixed in different ways from other brands. Before attempting to repair your lenses, make sure you know what kind you have. 

Can you wear scratched sunglasses?

Scratched sunglasses are not recommended since they do not provide clear vision and may compromise your vision, especially driving. If the scratches on your lenses are too much for you to handle, you should probably consider replacing the lenses simply. If your frames are still in good condition, this is a good alternative. You can keep your favorite sunglasses and wear them throughout the year.

Replacing scratched sunglass lenses

Replacement lenses are available from several major eyewear companies for specific frame models, so it's always worth checking with the manufacturer to see whether they're available. The replacement may be covered under a warranty if your lenses originally came with a scratch-resistant coating. To find out if a guarantee protects your sunglasses, contact the manufacturer or an optician.

Invest in high-quality, scratch-resistant sunglasses frames and lenses, and then protect your investment by forming healthy habits for wearing and caring for your sunglasses. As a result, you'll be able to see well through your shades for an extended period.


If your lenses came with a scratch-resistant coating, the replacement might be covered under a warranty. Contact the manufacturer or an optician to see if a guarantee covers your sunglasses. While polishing away enough of the lens' surface to remove visible flaws, you may have destroyed any anti-reflective or mirror coatings. Fixing scratched sunglasses lenses on your own can reduce how well they shield or screen your eyes from dangerous UV radiation and glare. When you buy Ray-ban sunglasses like Original wayfarer, ray ban offers a great warranty for scratches,

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