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        News — Oakley

        Best OAKLEY Driving Sunglasses of 2021

        Best OAKLEY Driving Sunglasses of 2021

        It's that time of year again when OAKLEY releases their new line of OAKLEY Sunglasses! With so many styles to choose from, it can be hard to figure out which one is best for you. That's why we put together a list of the top OAKLEY Driving Sunglasses in 2021. Check them out below and find your perfect pair!



        What to Look for in OAKLEY Driving Sunglasses

        To stay safe on the road, it is important to wear your seat belt and choose appropriate sunglasses. This will ensure that when visibility becomes an issue due mainly from dawn or dusk, there's no chance of seeing what dangers may come your way because you won't see them until it's too late.

        First things first, OAKLEY Driving Sunglasses are not your average sunglasses! They have been specially designed to help keep you safe while driving by reducing glare and eye fatigue. OAKLEY also has a wide variety of styles for every preference. Here's what makes OAKLEY Driving Sunglasses so great.


        Frame Technology

        Oakley men and womens sunglasses are known for being lightweight and comfortable, but they also have a variety of frame materials. O Matter is one type of durable plastic used in these types of frames because it can bend without breaking or cracking, while C5 alloy gives you five times more durability than ordinary glasses lenses; no other metal will do that! And lastly, there's titanium. It is a lot heavier than most other metals on the market today, making them perfect as an alternative when weight matters most.


        Lens Technology

        Lenses are the most critical part of any driving glasses. After all, they help you see on even the sunniest roads. OAKLEY Driving Sunglasses offer a variety of lens colors and coatings to help them stand out from the rest. OAKLEY's High Definition Optics is an industry-leading technology that ensures 100% clarity at all angles with patented XYZ optics which helps minimize optical distortion.


        The Top 5 OAKLEY Driving Sunglasses of 2021

        Here are the top 5 OAKLEY women and mens sunglasses that are best for driving:


        Here's another excellent option for OAKLEY Driving Sunglasses is these Holbrook polarized tortoise glasses. Made with an O-matter frame, OAKLEY High Definition Optics lenses, and a polarizing filter, this pair of OAKLEY Driving Sunglasses offer 100% protection from harmful UV rays.

        The Oakley Holbrook is a great everyday frame. It features a square, full-rimmed design that will look best on round face shapes. And it's made out of lightweight & durable O Matter material, meaning they'll be comfortable for long road trips. The look and feel are perfect for all types of faces. Round or square-shaped eyes will be satisfied when wearing these frames because their durable O Matter frame fits well with either shape type.


        Introduced in 2016, the Oakley Mainlink is part of the "Link" family that dates back to 2012's Crosslink. The Link frames also include the Mainline and Straightlink with similar full-frame O Matter designs for all models within this lineup. The OAKLEY Mainlink XL is a stylish design that will look great on those with smaller face shapes (as mentioned earlier). It features an O Matter frame, OAKLEY High Definition Optics lenses, and Oakley's signature Prizm technology which enhances colors & contrast for brilliant clarity.

        The OAKLEY Mainlink XL frames feature a sharp look-aesthetic made famous by OAKLEY back when they first began their partnership with designer label Moncler in 2012 for its iconic logo known as "Monclers" or simply "M." This style of sunglasses is best suited for smaller faces since OAKLEY designs its styles through proportionately relative measurements like wing length between temples compared sidebars found at 100% increase over predecessor models.



        The Oakley Turbine sports a sturdy frame that will be durable enough to protect your eyes while you exercise. The interchangeable temples offer various styles, and the Unobtainium inserts ensure they stay securely in place no matter what activity is happening around them. 

        The OAKLEY Turbine is an excellent choice if you're an active person who spends time outdoors or at the gym since they offer 100% UV protection with lenses made from O-matter material. It means that even though they're lightweight, their lenses will still be durable enough to protect your eyes while you exercise. They have interchangeable temples so that you can change them out depending on what activity you'll do next. And due to Unobtainium inserts in the ear stems of these OAKLEY Driving Sunglasses, it ensures they'll stay secure no matter what.


        Portal X

        The OAKLEY Portal X sunglasses are another great option for OAKLEY Driving Sunglasses. The lenses offer high-definition optics and Oakley's signature Prizm technology that enhances colors and contrast to provide brilliant clarity, like its other O's "X" family members. Within this line up differing only in their degree or proportionate length between nose bridge wings compared sidebars at 100% increase over predecessor models making them more suited towards square face shapes than round ones.



        OAKLEY Frogskins O-matter material of the OAKLEY Driving Sunglasses provides durability and comfort. The design is a lightweight, durable metal that can be adjusted to your head size for a snug fit. They are available in various styles with or without interchangeable lenses since OAKLEY offers 100% UV protection on all their sunglasses. Their iconic logo on both sides of each sunglass frame signifies authenticity, along with O's unique spring hinges found only at Oakley, so you know it's real.


        To summarize, OAKLEY has it all when it comes to OAKLEY Driving Sunglasses. We hope this list will be helpful in finding your perfect pair for 2021. Stay safe on the road, everyone and don't forget to visit now to get your driving sunglasses that will suit your style!

        What are Oakley PRIZM Lenses?

        What are Oakley PRIZM Lenses?

        Oakley PRIZM lenses are what makes Oakley so unique and exclusive. These lenses come in a variety of shapes and colors, and they all have an effect on what you see around you. The goal is to help enhance what you're looking at by enhancing what's important to you while reducing what isn't. Whether it be your vision for the day or a sporting event, there is an Oakley PRIZM lens perfect for your needs!



        How Are Prizm Lenses Different From Your Everyday Contrast, Or Tinted, Sunglasses Lenses?

        The difference between the PRIZM lenses and what you might have on your everyday sunglasses is that these are specifically designed to help improve what you're looking at. You can get a variety of different colors, with some even changing based on what time of day or what type of environment you're in! No matter what has your attention is, Oakley will always be there for it!

        Oakley PRIZM is an excellent option for anyone who needs to protect their eyes from the sun. The lenses block UV rays and provide relief against the bright light, which can cause eye fatigue or make it hard to see colors clearly. For those with more sensitive vision, Oakley has created specific options that have been designed for them!

         Oakley Portal OO9446 Sunglasses - (01) Carbon/Prizm Gray

        What Are Oakley Prizm Lenses Made Of?

        Oakley has been making eyewear for over four decades, and their experience shines through the lens of each pair. The lens material itself consists of a special dye mixed with plutonite. Oakley's patented polycarbonate material that goes through an extruder and molecular bonds materials together before injection molding for production into frames. Oakley is known as some of the best when it comes to smudging resistance thanks to its coating treatment and anti-fog features; additionally, they're treated against scratches so that you can use them without worry!


        Oakley Prizm Vs. Polarized Lenses?

        Polarized lenses change depending on the angle that light enters them; this makes objects such as water look more vivid because polarized glasses reduce glare from reflective surfaces like windows or cars windshields. So if you find yourself near any bodies of water often, then these might just be what we need!

        Prizm lenses are polarized lenses, but not all Prizm lenses block glare from reflected light. Oakley's Prizm Field Lenses include filters, while some other models don't have these features. The difference between Polarized and Prizm lenses is that the Prizm lenses block glare by using a filter and enhancing colors in what you see like never before.


        What Other Options Are Available For Prizm Lenses?

        Oakley Prizm sunglasses offer a variety of lens options to suit your needs. Oakley sunglasses are designed with the wearer in mind and come with various options for different sports. If you are engaging in outdoor activities, opt for the iridium lenses; this special metal oxide coating reduces glare and light transmission while also reducing reflection. It blocks out 99% of reflection, which is the highest level available on Oakleys. The lenses have up to 16 layers that help filter light from all angles so you can see clearly even when experiencing bright conditions or low lighting!

        Oakley Prizm glasses offer prescription lenses as well if your eyesight needs some assistance while you're playing your favorite sport. The Visible Light Transmission (VTL) is varied depending on what type of environment they'll be used in: high-light environments will require VLT3+, but lower levels such as VLT+4 work better in low-light environments.


        Are Oakley Prizm Lenses Reflective?

        Prizm lenses reduce reflection and are available in mirrored coating. These features make Prizms your best choice if you're looking for the highest level of clarity while still being able to look into other people's eyes, even at night!


        How Do Oakley PRIZM Lenses Work?

        Oakley PRIZM is a new Oakley lens technology that fine-tunes visions for specific environments, filtering out light interference and enhancing performance. Traditional sunglass lenses force us to choose between the environment's colors we want to see or noisy light that could interfere with our perception. Oakley PRIZM works around this by emphasizing the color necessary for optimal performance while also filtering any "noisy" lights outside of these colors.

        Oakley PRIZM lenses were created to help athletes see what they need to in different environments. All Prizm lens designs are uniquely tuned for specific environments - from the Blue-Magenta progressive design, which enhances contrast and clarity with a palette of colors that improves the perception of blue sky. The Amber Iridium, specially designed for outdoor activities like cycling or golfing because it's ideal for all conditions! No matter what activity you're participating in, these Oakley PRIZMs will enhance your performance while also helping protect you against harsh glare. Amber is the most versatile color offered by Oakley since its tint matches any light condition: it blocks out 99% of reflection, making them perfect when playing golf or skiing at night, and it's also what we recommend if you're driving or cycling.

        Oakley PRIZM lenses are polarized and include filters to reduce glare from reflected light. Oakley Prizm sunglasses offer various lens options for different sports activities, all designed with the wearer in mind.


        Why use Oakley Prizm Lenses for Sport?

        Oakley PRIZM Sport lenses are a great way to make sure you can see every detail in your sport environment. With an increased VLT percentage, these Oakleys will improve contrast and clarity so that you're never missing anything important on the field or court. Choose from either our dark tint variety for maximum protection against harsh sun rays or lighter ones if glare is more of an issue than UV light exposure during playtime!

        No matter what your sport of choice is, PRIZM has a lens for you. Whether it's a sunny or rainy day, playing in the snow, or running on hard surfaces like concrete, some lenses will work best with these conditions to give you optimal performance and comfort.

         Oakley Portal X OO9460 Sunglasses - (01) Carbon/Prizm Gray

        Are Prizm Lenses worth the money?

        The new Oakley PRIZM lens technology is what helps make these glasses worth the extra money. The lenses are made to help maximize your performance while still looking stylish and high quality!

         Prizm sunglasses could be what you need for those tough nighttime rounds if you're a golf player. These special lenses have 16 layers of protection that eliminate glare from light sources. They don't interfere with your view while providing crystal clear color perception in any lighting condition or environment. You'll be able to see everything on the road and navigate with ease when you invest in a pair of Oakley PRIZM lenses. With patented technology that significantly enhances your visual perception, it's easier than ever before to keep track of all moving objects around you while driving.



        Oakley Prizm lenses were engineered by world-class scientists in optometry labs around the globe, specifically focusing on your visual performance as an athlete. Whether you need eyewear only while playing sports, running errands every day of your life, or anywhere between these two extremes, Prizm will work efficiently no matter what activity is required at any given time.

        Oakley PRIZMS are designed to protect your eyes from the sun and UV rays while enhancing the world around you. Their lenses filter out bad light to crisp and clear vision, all without causing eye fatigue. PRIZM is a revolutionary lens technology that changes the way your eyes see, with lenses designed for whatever environment they're in--be it day or night. Oakley has been making eyewear since 1975, and their expertise shines through by creating glasses perfect for any sporting event or activity. Whether you want sunglasses that can be used during the daytime or at nighttime, there's a PRIZM lens just right for what you need! Not only does it block glare from reflective surfaces like windows of cars' windshields, but it also blocks UV rays, so wearing them won't make your eyes tired ever again! If you're considering to buy one pair or two, look no further, got you covered!

        4 Benefits of Oakley Lenses

        4 Benefits of Oakley Lenses

        Oakley lenses are a prescription lens that uses an innovative design to provide four benefits: better peripheral vision, glare protection, reduced eye fatigue, and distortion. Oakley Sunglasses Lenses are available in 4 different styles and lens colors to suit your needs - the Oakley OO9102 is perfect for those who want trendy best sunglasses with no visible frame lines, while the Oakley OO9101 provides a classic look. The Oakley OO9099 is designed for those looking for sporty sunglasses with wraparound style frames that do not interfere with earpieces or straps on helmets or goggles. This blog article will give you more details and will create awareness on why Oakley Lenses are the best sports sunglasses is better than other brands. 


        Here are the following benefits of Oakley Lenses:


        What's the Big Deal?

        Oakley is the world's leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of premium sunglasses. Prescription Oakley sunglasses are made for people who want to live an active lifestyle. They may be worn by famous athletes like Tiger Woods and Shaun White and many Tour de France cyclists. These lenses can withstand vigorous physical activity because they understand people in sports-minded professions demand what their customers need more than anything else. Additionally, they are perfect for all kinds of adventurous folks with their high-performance lenses that won't fall off during sports activities such as skateboarding or surfing! Here are other few things Oakley lenses dominate more than other types of sunglasses. 


        Clearer Vision

        Prescription and contact lenses serve a couple of purposes: to protect our eyes from UV light and make things less bright. However, because they block the Sun's rays in addition to making it seem like there is as much sunlight outside at night as during daylight hours or when clouds are blocking out some of the Sun's brightness; prescription lenses also have more effect on how well we see than just wearing them does. For example, sometimes popping on sunglasses decreases clarity over time with cheap high street glasses made cheaply. Cheap materials that may not be able to handle prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation for long periods each day without breaking down into tiny pieces that could enter your eye (among other possible negative consequences). This can happen if you wear these types of low-quality glasses throughout the day to shield your eyes from the Sun's glare and brightness.

        Oakley eyewear provides innovative products for athletes, skiers, and snowboarders to see clearly on the slopes. Oakley's patented lens technology eliminates peripheral distortion on curved lenses. Oakley lenses are perfect for people who spend a lot of time in low-light situations, such as hunters and anglers. These glasses will help them see clearly at dusk and dawn when it's difficult to distinguish what is near or far away.

        Moreover, Oakley prescription sunglasses are made with a 4-point fit that allows them to stay in place while you're doing whatever it is you want to do, whether you're cycling uphill or browsing for hours on end without worrying about having to readjust these sunglasses. Oakley eyewear also has special photochromic lenses, which allow their color tinting feature of browns/greens during bright light (such as outside) versus darker colors when indoor or at night, making things more manageable but not more complicated! That means if there's too much sunshine going around, they turn dark, so we don't get blinded by all the light; however, after sunset, Oakley sunglasses automatically adjust to the dark to make things easier on our eyes.

         Oakley Conductor 8 OO4107 Sunglasses - (01) Matte Black/Gray

        Enhanced Colors

        Similar to clarity, donning a pair of shades sometimes just dulls everything. There are always contours, bumps, or tread marks from skis or snowboards that you can't see when you're wearing sunglasses because the Sun is blinding your vision in bright daylight. Imagine if instead of having those pesky lenses fog up on sunny days and have milky-looking sights for hours at a time while they dry out, we were able to enjoy our sights as normal with no fear of damaging them!

        Traditional sunglass lenses force us to make a compromise between what we want to see with our eyesight and other interfering colors that can lead us off course or into danger. Oakley lenses have also made it possible for professionals who need color-sensitive vision on demand - such as pilots, doctors, or firefighters - by making this all happen through an innovative lens system that works like your own personal pair of sunglasses.



        Oakley extensively tests their products. Way beyond any situation that would commonly occur. This includes testing the lenses for impact resistance and other factors, such as heat protection in different environments or weather conditions - like fogging up when it's hot outside so you can see your path clearly on a bike ride even if there are obstructions! And they also tested the durability of sunglasses. Oakley is committed to being above ANSI standards because eye health should be everyone's top priority. People know they will get quality eyewear that protects both eyesight and, more importantly, these precious peepers all day long against harmful UV rays.

        Additionally, Oakley lenses are designed to protect 100% from all three UV light categories ---UVA, UVB, and UVC. This UV protection is due to the Plutonite material used, which gives a strong piece of mind that you're constantly protected.


        3 Reasons Why Oakley Sunglasses are Worth The Money

        Oakley sunglasses are an essential accessory for any stylish face, and they're not your average glasses. They're crafted from high-quality materials like titanium, usually reserved for aerospace and military applications to protect against extreme temperatures or radiation exposure. It also is made of polycarbonate or similar materials to keep them light yet strong. Because of these, they can take slight wear and tear without breaking down. Temple might snap out of place occasionally, but you could always clip it back in with no problem at all!

        This is a breakthrough Oakley came to after using hyperspectral imaging, which can be used by spy satellites. This technique helped analyze light in real-world environments, and the engineers found out the patterns of spectral peaks that would exist when particular conditions are present. Once they had identified these transmission peaks within nature, they were able to match them with an engineered lens dye that boosted "good" lights. At the same time, filtering out any noise from other sources such as artificial lighting or things like dust particles on your sport or prescription lenses themselves. Moreover, the following are additional reasons Oakley Sunglasses are worth every penny more than other brands of popular models:


        Highest ANSI Standard for High-Velocity Impact

        ANSI Z87-2005 is a standard that tests lenses for impact resistance, and Oakley's have passed the test. ANSI Z87-2005 is a standard that tests lenses for impact resistance, and Oakley's have passed the test. In fact, it has the highest ANSI standard for high-velocity impact glasses (ANSI Z87.2005). It means the lenses can withstand vigorous physical activity because they understand people in sport-minded professions demand what their customers need more than anything else: durability.


        Shrug off Scrapes, Spots, and Streaks

        Oakley eyeglasses with a hydrophobic coating provide protection from sweat, rain, and lotion. Oakleys are scratch-resistant, which means you won't have to worry about replacing them if they get scratched or scraped in the wrong spot. In addition to robust frames that stand against abuse of all kinds, Oakley lenses also come equipped with an anti-scratch Hydroponic Coating for longevity, so you can be sure your expensive lens will stay intact no matter what vigorous activity you're into! Some other key features include UV filtering through their lens rather than just on its surface layer like most brands - this is great because even when scratches do happen on the hard exterior shell of your glasses, there's still protection right where it matters.


        Oakley's High Definition Optics (HDO) Technology

        Oakley lenses come in a variety of colors and styles, but Oakley is most well-known for its high-definition optics. HDO technology prevents dust or grime from sticking to the lens. Switch lock allows you to replace them quickly should they get damaged or your prescription change. All Oakley eyewear blocks 100% UVA/UVB rays, while XYZ Optics provides wraparound vision without distorting peripheral sightlines with polarized lenses options that will reduce glare as well!



        Oakley lenses are making waves of having a reputation for being the best in many areas. Oakley sunglasses are made with ANSI Z87-1 certified lenses that can withstand high-speed object hits like rocks or trees. It also provides protection from side impacts. Oakley is a perfect pair of prescription eyeglasses since they are made with great sophistication and precision, and their comfort, style, durability, and clarity of vision make it so that no other brand can compete. The Oakley frame and lenses are comfortable because it's made of an unbreakable but flexible material called O Matter is used to frame these timeless style eyewear - it moves with the wearer so that there's less pressure placed on delicate parts of one's face like eyelids and nose. Oakley also uses a material called Unobtainium which is found on the inside of these frames and helps keep them from slipping off during any activity so that they'll stay securely in place at all times, even as you sweat or when it gets wet by the rain! 

        Oakley lenses are the perfect accessory for any athlete. Made with sporty designs, these sunglasses give additional support to protect your eyes while sailing, cycling, or playing golf and can also be worn during a snowboarding session in the wintertime. Oakley sunglasses offer excellent durability, lightness, and clarity, which is what makes them so unique because they sit comfortably on your face no matter how dynamic a performance you have been putting up! They come complete with a fresh young design that makes a impression of someone active who takes care of themselves but at the same time looking futuristic too! Shop for prescription replacement lenses and to purchase the best sunglasses, at store for more details they have exclusive offers of various lens choices, frames from matte black to various colors, Oakley polarized lenses, etc. They also ship worldwide.