What to Look for Oakley Women's Sunglasses?

What to Look for Oakley Women's Sunglasses

Oakley is an iconic brand for sunglasses. If you are looking at Oakley women's sunglasses, there are a few things that you should be aware of before making your purchase. The first thing to know is the type of lenses that Oakley sunglasses have available - polarized or non-polarized. Non-polarized lenses are cheaper and more durable but they do not offer protection against glare from water or other reflective surfaces, while polarized lenses will help protect your eyes in these situations. Oakley also has different lens colors available including black, brown, gray-green, and blue which can all come with either polarization or not depending on what you need them for!


Frame Technology

Before we get into our list of the most famous women's Oakley sunglasses, let's take a quick look at Oakley's patented technology and what it means for your frames. Oakley engineers have devised proprietary frame materials that outperform the competition to provide eyewear best for nearly any sport or active lifestyle. For sunglasses, that means O MatterTM frame structure and UnobtainiumTM rubber grip. As a result, you'll receive lightweight and lasting wear with a strategically designed grip that grows tackier when wet and stays precisely in place no matter how much you sweat.


Lens Technology

In terms of lenses, the Oakley PRIZM is the show's star than the other brands. This contrast-enhancing lens technology calibrates the visible light spectrum to fine-tune color, contrast, and clarity for your environment of the prizm lenses. In addition, all PRIZMTM lenses are impact-resistant and give better optics or prescription eyewear because they are made from Plutonite, Oakley's proprietary lens material.

Some of the best Oakley Women's Sunglasses

Now that we are familiar with Oakley's proprietary technology, let's see the different styles of their frames that are best for Women. Check our website for order communications updates regarding Oakley products that sometimes come with free shipping or discounts by clicking sign in.


The Oakley Feedback oo4079 was designed for the woman who appreciates timeless style. It is as stunning in performance as it is in design. This mixed-material frame with a signature teardrop lens comprises Oakley's proprietary C-5 metal alloy and acetate not like the half jacket 2.0 or flak 2.0 xl. The no-snag nose pads provide optimal comfort and are ultra-lightweight to wear. You'll never have to deal with the painful hair pulling that comes with removing a metal frame again. That's a feature we can get behind, ladies!




Split Time

The Oakley Split Time combines high-fashion and high-function. The Split Time is a creative spin on a traditional Aviator form that combines both exclusive frame materials in this adjustable frame. You'll get lightweight and comfortable wear wherever the day takes you, thanks to the combination of O MatterTM and C-5 metal alloy. UnobtainiumTM nose pads keep it in place, and the uniquely crafted temples blend perfectly with a hat.

  • It was made with O MatterTM and a metal alloy called C-5.
  • Rubber nose pads made of UnobtainiumTM provide comfort and grip.
  • Temples were created to be worn in conjunction with a hat.
  • 132mm SFW


Look no farther than the Oakley Spindrift if you like round lenses. This stunning frame combines a classic shape with a modern style. A simple O MatterTM frame structure offers eye-catching angles at the temples and lightweight wear. The UnobtainiumTM rubber nose pads provide added comfort and grip, while the textured temple arms help to keep the frame in place.

  • The O MatterTM frame construction is lightweight and long-lasting.
  • When wet, UnobtainiumTM rubber nose pads become tackier.
  • Textured inside temples keep the frame in place.
  • 131mm SFW


The Frogskins, first released in 1984, is still an Oakley classic in the lifestyle portfolio. The O MatterTM frame construction and Plutonite lenses will withstand whatever daily abuse you subject these sunglasses too. This frame comes in various variations, which you can see in our review of the Frogskins Collection. This Frogskins OO9245 sunglass is medium in size. However, it is also available in a smaller size than the Frogskins XS.




    Rerv Up

    The Rev Up will keep you cool even when the day heats up with the Advancer System. This works by bringing your sunglasses forward on your nose bridge, increasing airflow between your face and the sunglasses. In addition, thicker temple arms keep the sun at bay and provide the necessary protection in an everyday pair of sunglasses.

    Top Knot

    Get a pair of sunglasses that can easily suit all of your daily needs. The Top Knot is a trendy frame designed for women on the go. The no-slip and no-snag nose pads are handy for ladies because they won't get stuck in your hair if you rest them on the top of your head. In addition, the Top Knot's flexible spring hinges make it an ideal fit for all of the more giant skulls out there.


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