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A frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do Certified dealers offer warranty coverage for sunglasses?

    Yes, certified Ray-Ban dealers typically offer warranty coverage for sunglasses. Ray-Ban provides warranties against manufacturer defects, but the specifics of the coverage may vary depending on the dealer and the region. It's always a good idea to check with the specific dealer or Ray-Ban's official website for the most accurate information regarding warranty coverage for your sunglasses.

  2. How can I verify if a dealer is authorized to sell authentic Ray-Ban sunglasses

    To confirm if a dealer for Ray-Ban is approved to sell Ray-Ban sunglasses, you can take these actions;

    1. Visit the Ray Ban website; Look for a section where you can search for retailers by location. This will help you verify if the retailer is listed as an authorized seller.

    2. Contact Ray-Ban directly. Contact Ray Ban's customer service or support team via email or phone. Ask about the retailer. They can verify whether the retailer is authorized to sell Ray-Ban products.

    3. Check for certifications; Authorized retailers often showcase certificates or signs from Luxottica or Ray Ban indicating their status as approved sellers. You can request the retailer to provide documentation for validation.

    4. Review testimonials and feedback; explore reviews and comments from customers who have bought from the retailer. Genuine retailers typically receive feedback. They have satisfied customers who can affirm the authenticity of their products.

    By following these steps, you can be sure you are buying Ray-Ban sunglasses from a recognized Luxottica retailer.

  3. What is the return policy for Ray-Ban sunglasses purchased from a dealer?

    Ray-Bans policy, on returns for their sunglasses bought from retailers generally allows customers a 15 to 30 day window to return the product. The sunglasses must be in condition with all packaging and tags intact. Customers may need to show proof of purchase like a receipt or order confirmation, when returning the sunglasses. Refunds are typically given back to the payment method or, as store credit depending on the stores policy. Its recommended to check the retailers return policy for details and any additional requirements.

  4. Are there any special promotions or discounts available when purchasing from a Ray-Ban dealer?

    Ray-Ban dealers often offer promotions and discounts on sunglasses depending on the trends and occasions. Here's a glimpse of what you might come across;

    1. Sales: Look for markdowns during events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when retailers are clearing out inventory at the end of a season.

    2. Holiday Deals: Look for discounts around holidays such as Christmas, New Year's, or even Valentine's Day.

    3. Student or Military Benefits: If you are a student or serving in the military, you may enjoy a discount – show your ID.

    4. Loyalty Programs: Some stores offer loyalty programs through which customers can earn points or receive discounts after purchasing.

    5. Bundle Offers: Are you interested in more than one pair? Look for deals when buying sunglasses or pairing them with other items.

    To stay informed, it's wise to check with Ray Ban retailers or visit their websites for promotions. Additionally, subscribing to newsletters or following them on social media could lead to offers and keep you updated."

  5. Are these sunglasses genuine/authentic?

    Yes, for sure! As a Ray-Ban seller, we can guarantee that all our sunglasses are completely genuine. We obtain our products directly from Ray-Ban, ensuring you get top-notch sunglasses with all the branding and characteristics. Your confidence and happiness mean a lot to us. We fully support the authenticity of every pair of Ray Ban sunglasses we offer.

  6. Does Oakley still have lifetime warranty?

    Oakley offers a two year warranty that protects against manufacturing defects starting from the purchase date. However it's worth mentioning that the warranty does not extend to damages caused by consumers like scratches, on lenses or regular wear and tear. For the most precise details regarding Oakley's warranty terms its recommended to reach out to Oakley dealer or visit their website.

  7. Do you offer prescription lens options for these sunglasses?

    At, we offer prescription lens options for many sunglasses featured on our website. Please note that not all sunglasses frames are suitable for prescription lenses.

    If a specific sunglass frame on our site is compatible with prescription lenses, you must add it to the cart first. If the frames are available for prescription lenses, you will be offered that option. If not, then the frames are not suitable for prescription lenses.

    We provide what we believe is a wide selection of frames, both Rx-able and non-Rx-able, that will satisfy most people's tastes.

  8. Can I get assistance with lens cleaning or adjustments after purchase?

    Yes, you can go to any local store that is an authorized dealer and ask the owner or staff if they would be kind enough to assist you in cleaning your frames and lenses and if they could help you by adjusting your frames to your head and face. Most stores are happy to help. Please be aware that the store will not take responsibility for the rare case that a frame should break during the free adjustment. It has happened, and this is at your own risk.

  9. Do you provide any additional accessories or cases with the sunglasses?

    Yes, we offer a variety of additional accessories to complement your sunglasses purchase. Along with your sunglasses, you can also purchase Crizal Lens cleaner and a microfiber cloth specifically designed for cleaning anti-reflective lenses. The Crizal formula is particularly effective in loosening smudges and dirt, making cleaning quick and efficient without additional smudging the lenses.

    In addition to lens cleaning essentials, we also provide leashes and cords that can be attached to your eyeglasses and sunglasses. These accessories ensure that your eyewear stays securely around your neck, minimizing the risk of loss or damage.

    We believe in offering comprehensive solutions to enhance your eyewear experience, and our range of accessories is designed to provide convenience and protection for your investment.

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