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  1. Should I get Holbrook or Holbrook XL?

  2. Holbrook Metal vs. O Matter? Which is better?

  3. Holbrook XL vs. XS vs. Mix vs. Rx vs. Ti? What’s the difference?

  4. Are Prescription lenses available?

  5. Are replacement lenses available?

  6. Holbrook Asian Fit vs Standard , lenses differ or is it just the nose bridge size?

  7. what are the different Holbrook styles and what is the difference

    • Holbrook
    • Holbrook XL
    • Holbrook Metal
    • Holbrook (A)
    • Holbrook Mix
    • Holbrook TI

    The Oakley Holbrook Collection offers various frame variations for different preferences, needs, and face sizes. Let's break down each model and highlight the unique features of each:

    Holbrook - Original:
    This is the foundational design that started it all. It features a classic rectangular shape with a keyhole nose bridge and a slightly curved frame for a secure fit.
    The original Holbrook comes with Oakley's signature O-Matter lightweight frame material, ensuring durability and all-day comfort.
    Available in Prizm lenses, particularly the Prizm Grey lens, which enhances color while providing excellent detail and is ideal for bright, sunny days.
    Holbrook XL:
    The Holbrook XL is a more oversized fit to accommodate those with more prominent faces. It maintains the same iconic look as the original but with scaled-up dimensions.
    With a wider lens (59mm eye size) and slightly larger height, it offers comfortable coverage for medium—to large faces.
    Like its predecessor, it also comes with Oakley's lightweight O Matter frame material. It is available in various Prizm lenses, including Prizm Black, for enhanced detail and contrast in bright light conditions.
    Holbrook Metal:
    This version of the Holbrook features a lightweight and durable metal frame, offering a modern twist on the classic style.
    Crafted with stainless steel frame material, it ensures durability and comfort, along with advanced features like the Hollowpoint hinge system for smooth movement.
    It comes with Prizm Sapphire lenses, which provide maximum clarity and detail in various environments. They are especially effective in deflecting bright light on sunny days.
    Holbrook (A) - Alternative Fit:
    Designed for those who require an alternative fit due to a low nose bridge, the Holbrook (A) features a modified design with a narrower bridge and larger nose pads.
    It offers the same iconic shape but with adjustments for a more secure fit on faces with lower nose bridges.
    Available in various lens colors and technologies, including the Prizm Violet lens, which reduces glare and enhances visibility in bright light situations.
    Holbrook Mix:
    The Holbrook Mix combines elements of the original Holbrook with the metal version, featuring an O-Matter frame front and stainless steel temples.
    It offers the classic Holbrook look with added enhancements for those who prefer a blend of styles.
    They are available in different color variations and Prizm lenses, such as Prizm Black polarized, which blocks reflective glare for everyday use.
    Holbrook TI:
    The Holbrook TI is the latest addition to the collection. It features a razor-thin titanium frame that is lightweight yet incredibly durable.
    It boasts a contemporary design with sleek cutouts and comes in various modern colorways.
    Equipped with Prizm lenses, such as the Prizm Tungsten polarized lens, which enhances color and contrast and is particularly effective in low-light environments.
    In summary, the Oakley Holbrook Collection offers a range of frame variations to suit different preferences and needs, from the original design to XL sizes, alternative fits, metal frames, and even titanium construction. Each model has features and lens options, ensuring a Holbrook style for every lifestyle and activity.

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