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A frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where are Oakley sunglasses designed and made?

    Oakley sunglasses are. Developed in California. Following Luxotticas acquisition of Oakley in 2007 a significant portion of the brands production has been relocated to factories, in China, Italy and various other global locations. Despite this shift certain Oakley frames continue to be manufactured in America and bear a distinctive "Made in USA" marking engraved on the inside of the temple.

  2. How can I tell if my Oakley sunglasses are authentic?

    Make sure the box has a label with a barcode style name and description. Your Oakley eyewear should also have a certificate of authenticity and warranty card included. Oakley glasses are packaged with either an 'Oakley Micro Bag' or a case to keep them safe along with a dust bag, for protection.

  3. What is Oakley's warranty policy?

    Oakley provides a two year warranty, for all their products to cover any defects arising from the manufacturer. It's worth noting that this warranty doesn't extend to scratches, damages (be it accidental or not) or losses due to theft. Additionally the warranty, for prescription sunglass frames is valid when matched with Oakley Prescription Lenses.

  4. Do we offer an Oakley coupon code?

    We sell Oakley sunglasses. Strictly follow the brand's guidelines, including the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) regulations. While we can't give out discount codes for Oakley items due to these rules, we aim to provide value to our customers in different ways. We are excited to offer a 30% discount on purchases as a gesture of gratitude. Use the code "SPRING30%" during checkout to enjoy this offer. We trust this information is useful and eagerly anticipate assisting you in choosing your Oakley sunglasses. If you have any queries or require assistance, please feel free to contact us.

  5. What is the best way to clean Oakley lenses?

    Oakley suggests using their Micro Bag or Lens Cleaning Kit to clean the lenses of their sunglasses. Alternatively, you can also use soap, warm water, and a microfiber cloth as follows;

    1. Rinse the lenses under water to remove any debris.
    2. Apply an amount of dish soap to the lenses.
    3. Gently massage the soap onto the lenses in motions with your hands.
    4. Rinse the lenses again with water.
    5. Pat dry using a microfiber cloth.

    When cleaning Oakley polarized lenses it's crucial to do it properly to avoid damaging the polarization within them. This is particularly important if your Oakley sunglasses have a mirror coating as these coatings can react negatively to cleaning solutions. Its recommended to use Dawn dish soap from a blue bottle and avoid soaps with added lotions that could harm the lenses. Additionally, refrain from using water as it may adversely affect the plastic components of your glasses and polarized lenses.

    To clean lenses effectively;
    Wet both sides of the lenses.
    Apply amounts of dish soap on each side.
    Gently massage the soap into motions on both sides.

    Remember; proper care ensures longevity, for your Oakley sunglasses! When your glasses are clean rinse them with water and either allow them to air dry or use a microfiber cloth for drying.

    For cleaning Oakley lenses it's best to stick to using an Oakley Micro Bag or the Oakley Lens Cleaning Kit. Avoid using any solvents, chemicals, or third-party cleaning kits as they haven't been tested on our lenses and could potentially cause damage.

    To maintain the longevity and clarity of your Oakley glasses follow these steps;

    1. Rinse Under Warm Water; Hold your glasses under a stream of water to remove any large particles or debris that may scratch the lenses.
    2. Apply Dish Soap; Use an amount of regular dish soap to gently wash the frame and lenses. Dish soap effectively cuts through grease and oil without containing chemicals that could harm your glasses.
    3. Rinse Thoroughly; After washing with soap rinse the glasses under warm water again.
    4. Pat Dry, with a Clean Rag or Microfiber Cloth.

    Before you start cleaning your Oakleys make sure you have all the materials ready.
    To clean your Oakley lenses gather a microfiber cloth, mild soap, and warm water. Dampen the cloth with water and apply a small amount of mild soap to it. Gently wipe the cloth over the lenses of your Oakleys. Rinse the lenses with water and dry them using a microfiber cloth.

    Here are some helpful tips for cleaning Oakley lenses;
    Avoid using water as it can harm the plastic components and polarized lenses.
    Steer clear of soaps containing lotions as they may damage the lenses.
    Refrain from using solvents, chemicals, or third-party cleaning kits as they could potentially damage the lenses.
    Wipe the lenses to prevent scratches.
    Use a fresh terry cloth or microfiber towel to dry them.
    Do not use saliva or a t-shirt, for cleaning as they may scratch the lenses.

  6. How do I make a warranty Claim?

    If you need to file a warranty claim for Oakley sunglasses you can reach out to Oakley Customer Care at (800) 403 7449. Additionally, you have the option to contact Oakley Account Services at 1 800 878 8584 for help, with warranty issues.

  7. Are scratched lenses covered under warranty?

    Oakley eyewear comes with a two-year warranty that protects against any defects in materials or craftsmanship. This warranty is valid from the date of purchase, with a receipt. However, it's important to note that Oakley's warranty does not extend to scratched lenses.

  8. Can alcohol wipes be safely used on Oakley sunglasses?

    It's not recommended to use alcohol wipes or rubbing alcohol to clean Oakley sunglasses as they can harm the coating on the lenses and frames. The alcohol may also cause damage, to reflective coatings, mirror coatings, polycarbonate lenses, and plastic frames.

  9. Is it advisable to use Windex on Oakley sunglasses?

    To clean your Oakley sunglasses opt for a commercial lens cleaner by spraying an amount, on a dry cloth and wiping the lenses. Let them air dry after cleaning. In case of urgency, you can use Windex as an alternative. Make sure to spray it on a cloth first and not directly on the lenses.

  10. Are Oakley lenses to easy scratching?

    Some people believe that Oakley lenses, Prizm lenses, and those with iridium coating are prone to scratching. One customer mentioned that they accidentally scratched their Holbrook metal sapphire Polarized PRIZM shades with their fingernails. Another customer expressed disappointment in how the finish, on these expensive sunglasses scratches and wears out. Oakley coatings are strong, but scratches can still occur.

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