Best Oakley cycling sunglasses are perfect for any serious cyclist. They block out 100% of UV light so you can be assured that your eyes will never squint in the bright sun. In addition, the Optic Lens products give you the precision clarity only found with HDO technology, and they're ideal for riders who demand safety and reliability when on their bike.

The earstems allow for quick removal with one hand, convenient during a race or when riding through traffic. In addition, all lenses meet ANSI Z87+ impact standards; this means that no matter how fast you ride, your sunglasses will always protect your eyes from wind blasts and dust particles. 


Oakley PRIZM Road Lenses for Cycling

Oakley PRIZM Road Lenses are specifically for cycling because they are polarized lenses, which is necessary to block glare from cars ahead during this early morning and late afternoon commutes. Unfortunately, road cyclists have to deal with the other major lens flaw: the sun reflecting off the pavement at low glances. This can be tremendously distracting-to-dangerous to accidentally have your line of sight drawn away towards the surface of what you're about to crash into. That's not so much an issue with Men's sunglasses since there's no direct path where you'd be looking right at it, making them better suited for riding on roads or trails.


Top 5 Oakley Cycling Sunglasses

Oakley Plazma

Oakley Plazma is an optical innovation that offers superior protection from glare, lightweight performance for comfortable wear, and, unlike other polarized sunglasses on the market today, they are available in various lens shape fads to suit your lifestyle.

The photochromic lens is made of durable Optical Quality Polycarbonate with Aramidic Reinforcements. They have higher abrasion resistance than glass or polyurethane lenses, meaningless scratches on the clear lens so you can keep them looking newer longer. Oakley Plazma is also hydrophobic, meaning water beads up and roll off the lenses, ensuring great vision capability even in harsh rainy day conditions or sandy beach moments.

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

The Oakley Flak 2.0 XL OO9188 is one of the world's most popular sunglasses of all time, with over 2 million pairs on the heads of happy customers. Oakley has improved upon their revolutionary 2X Lenses with excellent venting for this model to help keep your eyes comfortable and protected from the sun's harmful rays at chest-level heights so you can finally say goodbye to "2-3" IR-blocking technologies. It may be a little pricier than its predecessors, but every penny spent on these high-quality sunglasses is well worth it!




Oakley Jawbreaker

Oakley Jawbreaker was a Limited Edition sunglass by Oakley. It's a carbon-infused Elite Frame, O Matter Silicone Overmold, and Triple Ion Coating that provides 100% protection from the sun's UVA/UVB rays while staying flexible even in cold environments. In addition, they were the first consumer sunglasses with interchangeable lenses. The breakthrough technology allowed users to easily swap the lenses in-between different conditions, including bright daylight, overcast, and low light environments, making them feel more versatile than any other ever before on the market at that time.

Since then, Oakley has expanded on this idea by releasing even more adjustable nose-piece interchangeable sunglasses to cater to every individual desire and need. In addition, you can get both your conventional UV protection or prescription lenses options with any of our O Matter® Series frames, so you don't have to worry about having an inferior vision when trying out new fashionable trends.

Oakley Sutro Lite

Oakley's Sutro OO9406 lite sunglasses are a new technological advancement in Oakley's line of eyewear.

Oakley is consistently experimenting with ways to advance their products, and their newest offering, the Oakley Sutro lites, may be just what you're looking for if you find that your sunglasses get easily scratched or smudged. The lenses of these glasses contain a thin layer of photo-carbon material under a vacuum between two sheets of glass. Originally designed for military use in meteorological laser applications, the effect is invisible since it only affects photo-sensitive elements like eyes and camera sensors - but not paint on walls or metal surfaces.




Oakley Radarlock Path

The Oakley Radarlock Path OO9206 sunglasses are specifically designed for athletes and perfectly balance style and performance. Engineered with Polaric Ellipsoid geometry for razor-sharp lens clarity and energy transfer, the Radar EV Path also comes with an adaptive fit that shapes your unique face shape. Available at Eyeglass123.

Oakley produces eyewear products that protect from harmful UV rays while still allowing wearers to see accurately and document their surroundings in vibrant HD color so they can negotiate obstacles quickly and precisely. In addition, they produce sunglasses, goggles, shirts, jackets, and more to suit any outdoor need! 




Prescription Oakley Sunglasses at Eyeglass123

If you're looking for prescription Oakley sunglasses at Eyeglass123, consider the Oakley half jacket.

There are many advantages to the Oakley half jacket. It's lighter and smaller, making it much better for running or other purposes where weight needs to be minimized. In addition, it has a different head shape on the side temples, which means they go over your ears without rubbing, creating an irritating pressure point that can cause headaches or headaches after long periods of use. The half-frame is also easier to bend so that it can fit close to your nose bridge area, meaning less slippage when you're wearing them while doing intense activities like snowboarding, skiing, kayaking, etc...

Final Thoughts

You deserve the best cycling sunglasses. At Eyeglass123, we offer a wide variety of high-quality frames and sunglass lenses to fit any need. We've got Oakley, Ray-Ban, Nike, and more! Our staff is passionate about eyewear and will help you find your perfect pair at an affordable price - guaranteed or your money back! So if you're looking for prescription Oakley cycling sunglasses, then look no further than our site. Contact us today with questions on what might be right for you."


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