How Can You Tell if Oakley Sunglasses are Authentic?

How Can You Tell if Oakley Sunglasses are Authentic?

Oakley originally sold authentic sunglasses to Oakley authorized dealers of the company. Fake Oakley sunglasses can be bought on sites like eBay.

Oakley uses serial numbers to identify their eyewear, which you will find engraved on some of the frames. The number can be found on your purchase receipt, your bag tag, or the sidearm of the glasses case. If any authenticator code appears, it is more likely that they are genuine - these codes are buried deeply in the glass and cannot be removed without damaging them. In addition, codes will change with every pair, meaning it would take someone quite some time to make their way through all combinations before finding a match for fake goods.


How do I tell if my Oakley sunglasses are real?

One of the easiest ways to tell if your Oakley sunglasses are authentic is knowing that the Oakley collection has distributors for our eyewear in many countries. If you know the distributor, then you can always check where your glasses were originally sold. A counterfeit could have come from anywhere, so it isn't easy to pinpoint this information.

Oakley eyeglasses dealers often have methods to estimate the authenticity of these designer glasses even before human hands touch them because the process starts with the development and training of people who understand all aspects necessary to identify fake or duplicate products on sight. That being said, some fakes are perfect copies that are impossible to distinguish just one detail alone. 


Are authentic Oakley sunglasses made in China?

YES, most authentic Oakley sunglasses are made in China. However, there's a good chance that they were produced by an authorized Oakley dealer and can legitimately label the product as such.

One of the most important attributes to look at when buying any product, especially one for which one doesn't typically know where it's manufactured (or at least not nearly as intimately), is whether or not the vendor has authorization from the manufacturer to sell that item. If their claims seem suspicious and they don't list themselves as an approved dealer on their website or in the information we've been able to find online about them, we recommend you stay away from them!

How do I read my Oakley model number?

There are many ways to read Oakley's model number, and Oakley authorized dealer is one of them. However, Oakley authorized dealer will be the easiest way for you to do that. Oakley OO4079 sunglasses come with a unique model number on the inside of its left arm or between its case's hinges. The first two digits identify the frame size while the following three letters represent the color type and the last four numbers signify lens material type.




Where are authentic Oakley sunglasses made?

The majority of authentic new Oakley sunglasses are made in China. They're 100% original and come with a two-year guarantee. You can buy them from Oakley authorized dealers online or on the website if you want to be sure they're genuine.

The only way to make sure you get authentic Oakleys is by buying them from an official retailer, like Eyeglass123, and not through eBay or suspicious certified retailers, where fakes originate from.

Do all Oakley have a serial number?

YES. All Oakley sunglasses have a serial number like the OO9454A. You can find it on the inside of the frame on the left temple, near the hinge. All Oakley sunglasses are made to our rigorous standards-they're designed to be worn in extreme conditions and over time, so your product will keep getting better even after its first few years. The serial number is what gives you that peace of mind-you'll know if someone switched out your glasses for an identically looking knockoff with minor quality construction. A true Oakley fan knows that for more than 25 years, we've been making shades that are built to last because they're built with our durability innovations. 

Oakley dealers encourage you to purchase your glasses from Oakley certified resellers as it's the only way to guarantee authenticity and warranty eligibility.



How do Identify my glasses model?

The easiest way to identify the model is by the serial number on your glasses. For example, on a pre-2000 pair of Oakley prescription glasses, you can find it in small font on a sticker underneath one of the screws near the temple.

If you have a newer pair of Oakleys, there should be a metal plaque with four numbers in sequence either at or near your temples. If your current set were eyewear purchased from an authorized dealer, take them back and ask when they were made - they'll know when because there's an ID label specific to time and location attached just below where you take off your contact lenses for cleaning.

What does the sticker on Oakleys mean?

The sticker on the Oakley glasses means that they are stores authorized to be sold by Oakley's official dealer. If you see a sticker on anything else, then it was not directly approved by the manufacturer. That being said, it is said that there are some knockoffs of their sell Oakley products that have stickers on them to mimic the original brand, so buyer beware!

Oakley OO9014  is one of the most popular sunglasses brands because they have many different models, mainly because their product quality is ranked high in optics. If you want to buy new Oakleys for your existing prescription, try looking for an Oakley eyeglasses dealer.




What does R mean on Oakley sunglasses?

R stands for "radar," and it was first introduced in 1989. Radar lenses were designed to reduce glare from reflected light, which helped make Oakley eyeglasses dealers more visible during nighttime driving conditions. Some Oakley sunglasses models also feature a "radar lock" lens that blocks out blue-green light coming from high beams of oncoming traffic (known as chromatic aberration).

Final Thoughts

Oakley is a company that has made it its mission to make quality products consistently. They strive for perfection in everything they do, including the materials they use and where each product is manufactured. If you are unsure if your sunglasses are authentic, there are some steps you can take to verify them. The first thing you should look at is the model number on your glasses (if applicable). You will see two letters followed by four digits; this corresponds with what year of production your glasses were created in. If these match up with when you purchased the pair, the chances are good that nothing fishy went down during transit! For more details about how to identify whether or not your Oakleys are authentic, visit our website at Eyeglass123.


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