Is Amazon an Authorized Ray Ban Dealer

Is Amazon an Authorized Ray Ban Dealer

Amazon is an authorized dealer of Ray-Ban products and carries authentic in all styles, colors, and sizes for men, women, and children.

Ray-Ban is one of the world's leading Luxury Sunglasses brands that takes protection to a new level with unsurpassed quality materials and legendary construction. Protect yourself from UV radiation while shopping on the Amazon site by looking through our selection of polarized lenses/prescription lenses sunglasses to find the perfect fit for you.


How can you tell if my Ray-Bans are authentic?

You can tell if your Ray Ban's are authentic by looking up authorized ray ban dealers online. They will always provide photos and reviews of the products they're selling on their website to prove that they're legit - and not just some shady website you found while Googling for "Ray-Ban reviews" on Google. If the seller is not on this list, then chances are it's a fake site or person claiming to sell your favorite brand of sunglasses. While it may be disappointing at first, remember that there are so many great inexpensive sunglasses out there.

How to Spot Fake Ray-Bans

To spot fake ray bans, one would need to closely look at the design and make sure the numbers on the left-hand side of the temple arm match up with those on your genuine or authentic frames. Genuine ray ban eyeglasses never exceed $300. In addition, Eyeglass123 can tell you everything from when their Fendi frames were manufactured to where they last shipped them--something counterfeiters have no way of doing.


Is the Ray-ban case real leather?

The case ray ban is made of 100% genuine leather. The leather quality is excellent, but I recommend that you do not use the product in inclement weather because it can stretch too much in bad weather. I would also recommend taking care of the authenticity card because some people have attached fake ones to make counterfeits seem genuine.

Ray-ban dealers know how this goes, so if you are looking for a good deal on authentic smart glasses, check out the store at

Do Ray-bans come with a cloth?

YES. Authentic Ray-ban sunglasses always come with a ray ban cloth. They offer a textile carrying pouch with a soft inner lining of high-quality microfiber material. It can be used as a cleaning cloth for sunglasses, eyewear cases, or any other use you may have for it. This is an important accessory that makes sure the lenses of your ray bans are clean and smudge-free at all times. In addition to cleaning them, this ray ban cloth also helps keep the glasses from getting scratched or damaged when not in use. So it's important to take care of your ray bans!

We at Ray-Ban Dealer make it our company policy to provide complimentary clothes for those who purchased authentic ray ban sunglasses.

What is the standard size of Ray-bans?

The standard size for a ray ban is 52 mm like RB2140 Classic Wayfarer. There are other sizes available, but it would be difficult to find a pair of glasses that would not have some distortion when wearing clear lenses that large. The closer the face size, the more likely it will be that a person can wear anything from 51-54 mm to 61-68 mm. But if you have an oval face, you should go for something between 45-50mm because they'll compliment your features better, and having plenty of room in all directions provides maximum comfort while wearing them too.

You might want to visit a reputable online shop like Ray-ban dealer and compare their prices regarding different styles of glasses. Make sure that when purchasing new items, you scan over customer reviews because it's always good to know what other people think so you don't encounter any surprises.




Do ray bans have serial numbers?

Ray-ban glasses have serial numbers engraved on the inside of the arm that identify them completely. These are unique identifiers for each frame, so you can tell if they're authentic or not just by looking for this number inside the arm of the frame.

If you are looking for ray bans, chances are you have heard about ray ban serial numbers. These numbers help identify the authenticity of your ray bans, so it is important to know whether they come with a serial number. 

Can the Ray-ban logo scratch off?

The Ray-ban logo like what you can see in RB3016 Clubmaster can scratch off if you rub it for a long time. This is because the coating that covers the ray ban logo will wear down and eventually come off. So if you want to avoid scratching your Ray-bans, don't rub them too hard!




Is Amazon an Authorized dealer of Ray-ban?

Amazon is the authorized dealer for Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban sunglasses can be purchased on and delivered to buyers' doorsteps using Amazon's easy and affordable shipping options. Some reasons people purchase from Amazon include ensuring product authenticity, ease of returns, no taxes, lower prices than retail stores, and variety in styles and colors so consumers can browse what they want before buying it. Customer service representatives are also readily available if issues arise, such as damaged items or incorrect orders.

Are Ray-bans of Amazon legit?

Amazon is a trusted and well-known site that emphasizes customer satisfaction, and sellers on Amazon require dependable shipping methods to ensure that customers get what they order.

While you can't guarantee the authenticity of a product bought online, there are enough measures in place with Amazon to have some reasonable confidence in your purchase. For example, sellers on Amazon must accept returns so long as you contact them within 30 days of receiving the item for a return authorization number. And if the seller's ratings or reviews show that they have been let down before by people who don't scrutinize their purchases before opening them up for free return requests, then those vendors can be seen as risky. 


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