What is the History of Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses?

What is the History of Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses

Oakley,  is a company that has been around for over 30 years. They are known for their sunglasses, but they are also well-known for their accessories. One of the most popular sunglasses that Oakley makes is called "Frogskins." The Oakley Frogskins was first introduced in the '80s and it became an instant hit. It quickly gained popularity because of its unique look and style. This blog post will explore what happened to these iconic sunglasses, why they have become so popular with celebrities, and where you can find them today! 


Background and History

In 1985, Ronald Reagan was president, Terminator is the top-grossing film, and shoulder pads are in vogue. Oakley took advantage of this cultural moment to introduce the Oakley Frogskins sunglasses, their first-ever lifestyle sunglasses. As Oakley has continued to develop new variants of the iconic frame, these initial 1980s models are now known as Generation 1 (or Gen 1) Frogskins. They were an instant smash for Oakley, with hundreds of colors and an original price tag of roughly $40! ray ban stories

People immediately compared the sunglasses to the iconic Rayban Wayfarers, which have been around since 1956. And the dispute over eyewear has lasted for decades!

How Frogskins got their name

Oakley Frogskins polarized sunglasses were rushed due to a need to get a "regular" model out the door, according to Jim Jannard in 2013. So when it came time to name them, his first thought was that they were making this pair "for the frogskins" (slang for dollars). He gave them names so he'd remember to do exciting things in the future.

A Public Success

Frogskins were a hit with the public following their initial introduction, and Oakley later issued a second generation of Frogskins Oakley in 1990. (also known as Gen 2). However, the Frogskins were eventually phased out in 1997. This was a moment of peak Oakley innovation, with models like the M Frame, Mars, and X-Metals gaining popularity, so it's understandable that they wanted to move away from Frogskins.

Rerelease and Luxottica Purchase

The Frogskins were re-released in limited quantities in June 2007, shortly after Luxottica purchased Oakley. The original tooling from the 1980s was also included in this re-release. As a result, everyone now has the opportunity to own a piece of history. While some attribute the re-release to Luxottica, new Frogskins were undoubtedly in the works before the acquisition. Today, Oakley improves the Frogskins by offering new colorways and limited/collector editions. Please continue reading to learn everything there is to know about Frogskins Oakley, including their design, frame size, and lens selections and the panel find in store.

Frame and Design

Oakley Frogskins are the epitome of Oakley's lifestyle, starting with the frame. It's easy to draw comparisons to the popular Ray-Ban Wayfarers because of the casual rounded lens. On the other hand, Frogskins set themselves distinct through Oakley's ingenuity. Oakley Frogskins Prizm Polarized give all-day comfort because of the flexible and lightweight O Matter frame construction. And, thanks to their O-Matter frame, they're simple to clean and wipe down if they get dirty or sweaty. On Frogskins, what won't you find? Unobtanium.

That's right, none of the popular anti-slip rubber material featured on most Oakley sports sunglasses makes an appearance. But isn't that also reasonable? In your Frogskins, you are not supposed to run marathons. Nevertheless, we've had no qualms with donning our Frogskins for a round of golf on occasion.

Size and Dimensions

The Oakley Sunglasses Frogskins is a medium-sized frame with an XS option for smaller faces. The dimensions (in millimeters) are listed below, then scroll down to see a thorough comparison of all Frogskins versions. 137mm frame width

  • 139mm frame length
  • 44mm lens height
  • 54.7mm Lens Width
  • The geometry of the Base Lens: 4

Our comprehensive Oakley Size Guide will teach you all you need to know about finding the correct pair of sunglasses.


The circular lenses from Frogskins aren't just for show. This frame has just about every Oakley lens available, including Standard, Polarized, Prizm, and Polarized. Additionally, all Frogskins lenses comprise impact-resistant Plutonite lens material and utilize High Definition Optics (HDO) technology.

We've already discussed why we appreciate Oakley Prizm technology so we won't go over it again. Whether you want a casual style with Prizm Black lenses or a splash of color with Prizm Sapphire lenses, these lenses mix fashion and innovation by improving color and contrast while reducing glare.

Frogskins are also available through Oakley's Custom Program (OCP), which allows you to pick from tens of thousands of frame and lens color combinations! polarized lenses from a close panel store details

Are They Worth It

Despite their humble beginnings, Frogskins has become one of the most popular Oakleys because of their laid-back aesthetic and wide range of colors.

After wearing a variety of Frogskins over the last decade, this is without a doubt one of our favorites. Are you going to find X-Metal or Mars-style styling? No. However, these are simple pairs of sunglasses to throw on before heading out the door. Also, Original Wayfarer sunglasses or wayfarer classic of their most recognizable style and impeccable fashion sense. You will never get wrong to have a classic pair of this iconic style as wayfarer classics gained popularity from the other brands.

Final Thoughts

Frogskins sunglasses are worth a try if you're searching for a casual pair of Oakley ray bans with the latest lens technology. Holbrook sunglasses, which mimic many of the Frogskins style cues without the rounded lenses, are a good option if you want a more square frame. However, as previously stated, there are various Frogskins kinds on the market right now – and it can be a little confusing! If you want to try another fit try the Oakley Frogskins Asian Fit


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