What is Oakley Frogskins Asian Fit Compared To Oakley Regular Fit?

What is Oakley Frogskins Asian Fit Compared To Oakley Regular Fit?

Oakley is a well-known brand that has been around for years, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Oakley used the pop culture moment to release their first lifestyle sunglasses, Oakley Frogskins sunglasses. These Oakleys have become popular because they give you a unique look with their square lens shape, golden accents, light weight feature, and durability. But what makes Oakleys Asian Fit different from regular Oakleys? 

There are various distinctions between Asian and normal fit sunglass frames. Individuals seeking comfy and great glasses that suit them well will find the sunglasses carefully built to meet their needs. Let's check the differences between Asian and normal fit by comparing Oakley Frogskins Asian fit to the regular fit! 


What Does Asian Fit Means?

Asian fit is a disputed term used by the optical industry to describe sunglasses designed for people with higher cheekbones and lower nose bridges. Traditional sunglasses are difficult to wear on people with these facial features, especially Asians (thus the name), because they slide down their noses and rest on their cheekbones. Asian fit sunglasses are specifically developed to address this issue, ensuring that people with a variety of face shapes can enjoy a variety of styles and fashionable frames. 

About Asian Fit Design

There are four techniques to make a pair of sunglasses look better on persons with high cheekbones and short nose bridges. The alterations are flattening the frame, shortening the nose bridge, increasing the nose pads, and modifying the temple curve. While flattening the frame can assist reduce the weight of the sunglasses, the other elements ensure that they stay straight. 

Many eyewear companies are gradually introducing an Asian fit model to their classic designs in response to the expansion of varied face shapes. It's worth noting that, despite the label suggesting that these sunglasses are solely ideal for Asians, this is not the case. Asian fit sunglasses are ideal for people with narrower noses and higher cheekbones.

Difference in Nose Bridges

Unlike standard sunglass fit frames and the regular keyhole bridge style of Oakley Frogskins, the Oakley Frogskins Asian fit sunglasses have specially designed nose bridges that are narrower and deeper. This is good for people who have trouble finding the right fit in their sunglasses frame. 

The Oakley Asian fit nose bridges include longer nose mount pads, giving you more room to adjust and accommodate your glasses. This frame also features specially built nose cushions in a variety of sizes. In addition, making it simple to change the Frogskins frame on a higher nose ensures users' comfort. This feature is not available on conventional fit sunglasses. 

The screws in the Asian fit sunglasses' nose pads have distinctive S-shaped arms. This gives you more flexibility in your adjustments.

Difference in Sunglasses Ear Stems

The Oakley Frogskins Asian fit sunglasses contain ear stems precisely engineered to fit the individual better. In addition, the ear stems have a spherical shape. This takes into account the user's head shape and delivers a pleasant shapely fit. For those familiar with the original Oakley look, regular Oakley Frogskins polarized sunglasses include normal ear stem designs.

Difference in Frame Curvature

Compared to the standard-fit Oakley sunglasses, the front curvature of the Asian-fit Oakley sunglasses is lessened, and the size is smaller. It's perfect for people who are bothered and hampered by their sunglasses touching their  temples and cheekbones. The lowered frame curvature provides a more  comfortable sunglass design frame that conforms to the curve of their face. 

What Other Brands Offers Asian Fit?

Because one size does not suit all, the eyewear industry has questioned the traditional fit by modifying classic designs to flatter Asian features. Take a look at some businesses that have improved their eyewear collection to appeal to a wider range of customers. 


For their acetate and nylon sunglasses, Ray-Ban offers several Asian fit alternatives. The lens width shapes, frame design, and nosepieces are all different. Their metal frames with adjustable nose pads are another option to examine (like the Aviator). The nose pads may be adjusted to protect your sunglasses from slipping down your nose or brushing your cheeks, while they aren't precisely Asian fit. 

Maui Jim

Wider and flatter frame fronts, thicker and more built-up nose pads, and longer temples distinguish Maui Jim's Asian fit collection, all of which improve comfort and performance. These are so comfortable that you'll never want to take them off! 


Instead of offering alternate styles for people unhappy with the usual fit, Frogskins Oakley offers an Asian fit style. The sunglasses are available in practically all of their popular frames for the comfortable and easy use of their product, ensuring easy use and maximum comfort. In addition, Oakley lenses protect your eyes very well in extreme conditions and UV light. If you want to have your own Oakley Frogskins Asian Fit, we have here at Eyeglasses123. Aside from the Asian Fit, Oakley Frogskins has various models such as Oakley Frogskins Lite, Frogskins Mix, which is also available here!

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