Crizal Lens Cleaning Spray (2 oz) with Cloth

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Crizal Lens Cleaning Spray (2 oz) with Cloth

Introducing Crizal Lens Cleaner (2 oz), the #1 Doctor Recommended Eye Glass Cleaner designed specifically for Anti-Reflective Lenses with Crizal. This product comes with a standard size 7" x 5 3/4" Microfiber Cloth.

Enhanced Cleaning Method: The Crizal Lens Cleaner offers an improved approach to effectively clean hard-to-clean anti-reflective coatings.

Vision Improvement: Anti-reflective lenses significantly enhance vision but are prone to quick dirt accumulation.

Potential Harm from Other Cleaners: Despite claims from many lens cleaners that they won't harm lenses, the reality is that some products can gradually wear away the outer layer, resulting in scratches and haze over time.

Safeguard Your Lenses: Protect your investment by opting for the only lens cleaner recommended by the manufacturer.

Investment Protection: Investing in Crizal Lens Cleaner ensures the durability of your Anti Reflective lenses over time.

Longevity and Clarity: Don't compromise on the longevity and clarity of your lenses; choose Crizal Lens Cleaner for a safe and effective cleaning solution.