Crizal Lens Cleaning Spray (2 oz) for All Anti-Reflective Lenses

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Crizal Lens Cleaning Spray (2 oz) for All Anti-Reflective Lenses

Crizal Eyeglasses Cleaning Spray (2 Oz), #1 Doctor Recommended Cleaner for All Anti-Reflective Lenses

Introducing an enhanced solution for effectively cleaning hard-to-maintain anti-reflective lenses. While everyone recognizes the vision-improving benefits of anti-reflective lenses, what often goes unnoticed is their tendency to accumulate dirt rapidly. Despite numerous lens cleaners claiming not to harm your lenses, the unfortunate reality is that many of these products can, over time, damage your lenses. This damage may not be immediate, but it gradually wears away at the outer layer, leaving your lenses susceptible to scratches and, in extreme cases, haze.

Don't let your investment suffer. Choose the only lens cleaners recommended by more eye doctors than any other cleaner. Safeguard your lenses and ensure their longevity. Don't compromise on clarity and protection; invest wisely in the care of your valuable eyewear.

  • Experience clear and crisp vision with Crizal Lens Cleaner
  • Swiftly removes oil, grease, grime, and dirt for long-lasting cleanliness
  • Enhances visibility and provides clearer, sharper vision all day long
  • Alcohol-based formula cleans and dries quickly without ammonia, ensuring lens safety

  • Keep a bottle conveniently in your kitchen, bedside, car, gym bag, boat, pocketbook, and vacation home
  • TSA-approved for flying, making it a travel-friendly essential
  • 100% guaranteed not to harm your anti-reflective coatings
  • Money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied
  • Easily wipes away dust, smudges, oil, dirt, and grime without harming your lenses or coatings