Are Frames Direct an Oakley Authorized Dealers?

Are Frames Direct an Oakley Authorized Dealers?

Oakley provides a comprehensive list of all their authorized retailers/certified retailers on their website in a relatively searchable format," frames direct," in addition to several other reputable websites, are included in the list. It's important to note that any retailer not mentioned in the list is typically not authorized or recommended by the Oakley collection. Note also, for your safety and security, when buying from anywhere. Still, an authorized seller online, never share personally identifiable information such as date of birth or social security number with the company selling you the glasses without doing additional research about them first! This includes asking customers to send copies of their ID before making purchases from unknown sellers via mail order.

How can you tell if Oakleys are authentic?

Oakley glasses will always have the printed logo on the side of the frame, and on top of that will be engraved with "Oakley." You should also be able to feel it on the side of the frame. If you're not sure if they're real or not, ask an Oakley eye doctor near me or go to an Oakley eyeglasses dealer. We will help you know for sure.

Are Oakley M Frames ANSI certified?

YES. All Oakley M Frames are ANSI certified (Oakley certified resellers). Authorized Oakley dealers to carry a circular seal at the point of sale, so you know for sure that you're getting a genuine, quality pair of glasses with a high-quality 3D depth perception military spec hard coating polarization lens and 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Why is Oakley so expensive?

Oakley, like the Oakley Holbrook OO9102 is expensive because they're a high-end company and their sell Oakley products are hand-crafted in Northern Italy; it is also built to last and will not break when you crush them or if they get dropped. This durability and well-made product, coupled with the company's high standards and rigorous testing protocols, have resulted in a product that is incomparable in quality and unmatched in expert craftsmanship. Every part of the frame and lens is expertly ground, shaped, and polished by hand for the new Oakley sunglasses. This, as you can imagine, takes a lot of time to produce such an elaborate product. Oakley authorized dealers also provide repair services for broken frames and warranty fixes for optical contact lenses, which further contributes to their cost!



Do all Oakleys say made in the USA?

NO. Oakleys are authentic if they say "Made in the USA" with their logo on the frame, but some counterfeit knockoffs are made overseas, and the company will not disclose where it's manufactured. Oakley is now official with Oakley authorized dealers online that have no association with fakes or importing channels.  

Are Oakleys good quality?

YES, Oakley is good quality because they have a patented enamel surface protecting the lens, which is chemically resistant, scratch-resistant, and water-resistant, so you can get years of use without significant scratches or droplets that cause harm like the Oakley Half Jacket XL OO9154.

They are also surrounded by O Matter frame material for distinctive style and lightweight performance with uncompromising comfort to keep your head feeling fresh all day long. In addition, Oakley offers more than just sunglasses; they also make eyewear designed for interactive technology, including glasses optimized for public virtual reality systems like Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE™, and PlayStation VR™ to provide high-quality viewing in an immersive fashion.



What is the most expensive pair of Oakley sunglasses?

The most expensive pair of Oakley sunglasses is the $448.00 "Arctic" sunglasses with a polarised and matte lens. The Arctic polarized sunglasses offer the best impact resistance and protection against UVA and UVB rays, with an anti-reflective coating on the lens to dramatically reduce glare for improved vision in extreme conditions. Available in black or brown, it is sleek enough for everyday use and outdoor sports like cycling, skiing, and snowboarding. This retail-priced online purchase provides you with all of the iconic Oakley quality you've come to love at a fraction of the price!

If a person wants high-quality custom-made eyeglasses for a more standard price, they can contact an Oakley eyeglasses dealer nearby and discuss what type of glasses they want to have made. They will be given more information on pricing depending on what changes or modifications need to be made. 

Are frames direct a good company?

YES! Frames Direct is one of the most prolific and reliable companies in the world. With unmatched customer service, they provide eyeglasses at a fraction of the price. To keep in mind, Frames Direct has its line of glasses, so they are not store authorized dealers for many designer brands. This means that you will have fewer options when buying glasses from this site than, say, LensCrafters or Warby Parker - but it also means you pay less money per pair like in giving out the Oakley OO9188.

If you're on a strict budget, I would recommend checking them out! Plus, their customer service is outstanding - they have staff members available 24 hours a day to help with any concerns or questions.



Are Oakley polarized lenses worth it?

YES. Oakley polarized lenses are worth it because they reduce glare and reflection to the level you would expect in a deep wilderness, and they prevent eye fatigue, dryness, and irritation.

Oakleys use patented Unobtainium which makes the glasses-less slippery, stay on your head better in extreme conditions (ski slopes!), provide more grip for picking items up (i.e., cellphones), keep them from fogging up inside, more accessible to take off with one hand. Just all-around help you have a better day. Padded impact frames also do wonders these days against eyestrain after too much screen time.

Final Thoughts

Oakley is a brand that has been around for decades, and its name is well known in the eyewear industry (eyewear purchased). It's not surprising, then, to see many people wondering about buying an authentic pair of glasses from this brand. To make sure you get a quality product with a manufacturer warranty on it (not just what may be offered by the seller), here are some tips for determining if your frames are real or fake Oakleys. If they don't say it made in the USA either on them or somewhere inside of them, chances are good they're fakes; all genuine Oakleys will have these words printed on their frame. 

We hope this guide has shed some light on these issues and helped you find the perfect pair of Oakleys! Also, don't forget to visit our website, Eyeglass123, for more helpful tips, and if you have specific questions, we didn't cover them here.

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