How Do You Change Oakley Twoface Lenses?

How Do You Change Oakley Twoface Lenses?

The lenses of the Oakley Twoface sunglasses can be changed by simply screwing in a different lens from the other five colors. This is easy because Twoface glasses have a patent-pending interchangeable lens technology design, so swapping them out takes about 10 seconds or less. The frames also have a hexagonal shape that makes it impossible for the lenses to get knocked out accidentally, which makes life much simpler if you're going somewhere with heavy activity and cracking around corners.


Can All Oakley Lenses Be Replaced?

YES, all Oakley lenses can be replaced. The Oakley Twoface lenses can also show up in other glasses brands, but the All Oakley Lenses Are Made Of Plutonite® fabric is patented and unique, and it will not be found in any other brand.

For every purchase of an authentic pair of Oakley sunglasses or eyewear, you are entitled to a free flat lens replacement when your original lens becomes scratched under normal use—even if the product is out of warranty! 

How To Remove Oakley Icons From Twoface?

There are various ways to remove the Oakley icons from Twoface. A few include sanding the paint down to where it doesn't overlap, sanding down above and below painting, tanning the Oakleys with acetone nail polish remover, scrubbing sandpaper or wire brush with water on top of OO9189 twoface Oakley paint then using a lacquer based lacquer remover. What this will do is strip away all layers of paint, including that of your Twoface's face, because only certain types of penetrating oil-based paints will work for this process.

Twoface Oakley is hard plastic, so they make a suitable adhesive for gluing on things like twigs or leaves that you pick up from your backyard. If you're looking to experiment with new designs on Oakleys, I would recommend using this method!

Why Are Oakley Lenses better?

Oakley lenses are better for a few reasons. First, the materials used in their construction are top quality (superior optical quality), and they offer longevity not found in cheaper products. They also have various features that range from hydrophobic to reflective to matte black prizm daily polarized, which help protect the wearer from adverse conditions.

Oakley twoface sunglasses have been innovative with material variations. For example, the Radar line is a carbon-fiber product that lasts up to two times longer than plastics or metals like titanium or stainless steel. The best part about these sunglasses is that they are sleek, stylish, and fashionable, and one of the most durable products available on the market.

Lastly, they do design sunglasses for people who wear glasses. And they make an extra-big line of prescription lenses and frames specifically intended for myopic individuals who require corrective lenses and acknowledge laser protective lenses.

Can you repair Oakley Twoface Frame?

Yes, but not very easily. There is a pair of frame-mounted screws on the front side and backside of the frame, and there's also a liquid sealant or adhesive at the joints to help keep water out. So you'll need tools to remove these. If you do not have any experience repairing Oakley twoface frames, we recommend that you bring them into Eyeglass123 for assistance.

Oakley sunglasses twoface are an iconic style in the eyewear industry. They have a unique double lens design that creates perfect polarization proven protection, with RX lenses offset so one does not interfere with the performance of the other. This allows all incoming bright light contrast to pass through for maximum visual clarity and an improved range of sight-perfect for when you want to watch sports or drive your car at night!

How to repair Oakley Twoface Frame?

To repair Oakley Twoface glasses Frame, Open the frame and remove the lenses. For a simple precision cleanup, use a lint-free dry cloth to clean dirt from glass and rubber gasket surfaces. Next, lubricate the rubber gaskets with a silicone lubricant for easier frame opening next time you wear them. Next, remove any residue or debris from inside frames by wiping clean with an alcohol swab or other adhesive agent for 10 seconds before lens installation. Finally, reassemble your sunglasses and enjoy!

Can you repair scratched Oakley TwoFace lenses?

Yes, but it's a process that requires a lot of patience and precision. You can take toothpaste and a toothbrush to rub the scratches out over time gently. Be patient, as this technique won't work as well as if you had purchased something from their website or other profitable glasses vendors. After the first try, try again with bleach used sparingly to see if it will remove very light scratches on Oakley Twoface sunglasses lenses. If those don't work, one could still use different ways varying from picking from a palette of household items- for example, using baby shampoo or water-soluble cleanser may help after trying other homemade alternatives that didn't work either. The important thing is not to quit!

How to repair scratched Oakley Twoface lenses?

Oakley TwoFace lenses can be repaired. However, there are a few things you should know before proceeding. The only way to effectively repair scratched Oakley TwoFace lenses is through glass polishing. A machine is specializing in grinding, and buffing scratches from glasses work on the lens' surface to remove scratches smudge marks and other blemishes. The result of this process is usually as good as new or better than it was pre-repair because all protective coatings will have been replaced after the grinding process once again seals the lens from outside damage.

Where is Oakley Twoface made?

Twoface Oakley sunglasses are made in the USA. They meet all 100% of Oakley's quality and safety standards for parts, frame materials, design, and assembly.

The premium two-toned wooden frames feature a red-tinted rectangular lens with a circular gradient lens at the bottom. The color is designed to change depending on your viewing angle and environment - it starts red, then turns dark brown when viewed straight on under bright sunlight. Subtle hints of bronze add depth and dimension to this quirky look that will never go out of style.


Oakley Twoface is a revolutionary product that has helped many people use their vision better and achieve the best experience for their outdoor activities. If you need any help with your Oakley Twoface, we're here to provide it! We offer repair services and replacement lenses if you want to change up your look or replace them due to damage. Contact us today if you have questions about our products or like more information on how we can help make sure your Oakleys are always looking brand new.

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