How to Replace Arms Oakley Airdrop?

How to Replace Arms Oakley Airdrop

Oakley is one of the most famous brands in sunglasses. Oakley Airdrop has become Oakley's flagship model, Oakley's best-selling sunglasses series. The market price of these glasses ranges from $150 to $200. However, recently there are many reports on the Internet that say some replica companies have been flooding the market with fake Oakley AirDrops for only a few dollars.


How do you fix broken Oakleys?.

To begin, apply superglue. If you only need to repair one arm, superglue is a good option; however, it cannot be used on Oakleys with nose pads or screws for lens fixing since these metal parts will react with the glue, causing the Oakley eyeglasses Airdrop to lose their water resistance.

Second, make use of the Oakley repair kit. If you need two or more arms replaced, an Oakley repair kit is your best bet because it's inexpensive and easy to come by. They cost $12-35 depending on how many arms you need; unfortunately, they are only compatible with Oakleys that have a metal pin through the components.

Finally, apply aquarium sealant. An aquarium sealant is a fantastic option if you only need to replace one arm and the Oakley has bent arms or broken hinges. However, because the nose pads and screws on Oakleys are made of stainless steel, they cannot be used.

How do you tighten Oakley Arms?

Sunglasses should fit snugly on your face, but if your face is narrow, they may not work correctly, and you've probably guessed the outcome: your  Airdrop Oakley sunglasses will slide down your nose. Of course, if there is a problem, there must be some solutions. The first and most convenient option is to return your Oakley to the store where you purchased it, where the professionals will assist you in making it fit you and your face. However, if you wish to do it on your own, here are some instructions. To begin, you can tighten the frame of the sunglasses by inserting a tiny screwdriver into the screw hinges. In the meantime, you can adjust the nose pads of your sunglasses to make them fit you better with the lens width

How do I change arms on Oakley airdrop?

It's simple to replace the arms on an Oakley airdrop glasses. The first step is to remove your sunglasses' existing arm by pressing down with a small flathead screwdriver and pulling up at the same time while spinning counterclockwise. Next, place one end of your new aluminum or carbon fiber Oakley arm into the Oakley hinge after removing the old one. Make sure the screw holes are appropriately lined, then press down with a small flathead screwdriver and turn clockwise until it is tight enough not to fall out.

Does Oakley replace broken arm?

Oakley does not repair or replace Oakley eyeglasses. However, they do replace arms. If your Oakley eyeglasses are still covered under warranty, they will charge you a price for a replacement arm. If an Oakley sunglasses arm breaks outside of the warranty term, Oakley will offer to sell you the sunglasses at dealer cost plus shipping and handling expenses.

How can I stretch the arms of my glasses?

Older plastic frames, especially those with cracks, might become brittle and snap. If heated, glasses with Optyl frames may distort out of shape, so this procedure should be avoided. Instead, either a dish of warm water or a running faucet would suffice. The water should be warm but not hot; the frames will become brittle and snap if it's too hot. Place your finger beneath the tap to check the temperature. If the water is too hot to touch, the glasses will be too hot.

Immerse the Oakley Airdrop Prescription glasses in a bowl of boiling water for 30-60 seconds if using a bowl. Next, hold the arms of the glasses in the water for 20-30 seconds if you're using a stream of water. The second procedure is usually preferable since it decreases the chance of lens damage. If the frames are not yet bendable, repeat this step as needed. It's critical to completely dry the edges so that your hands don't slip during the next stage. Next, apply slight pressure to the ends of the arms with your thumbs. Bend the curled ends of your arms upwards and outwards slightly. When you wear sunglasses, this will assist reduce strain on your temples. Repeat this step as needed until the glasses are clear.

Why are my glasses' arms loose?

You may discover that one or both arms of your Oakley airdrop sunglasses have grown loose. If this is happening to your Oakley sunglasses, it's vital to get them repaired as soon as possible before they thoroughly break and cause irreparable harm. Because just four screws link the arms to your sunglasses' main body, you should take them to an authorized dealer right away. Because Oakleys were not constructed with replacement parts in mind and cannot be repaired without expert equipment, if these screws become stripped or otherwise broken, you will be stuck with a lifetime repair bill.

Why are my glasses not straight?

Your Oakley sunglasses may be crooked due to a problem with the frame or lens. If you've recently switched prescription lenses, double-check that they're appropriately mounted and don't protrude too far past the front edge of your Oakleys' frame. Ensure that no part of your glasses touches your nasal bridge; it should be perfectly centered in your lenses. Take these Oakley sunglasses to an authorized dealer for repair or replacement if they are still not straight.

Can you glue Oakley frames?

Unfortunately, Oakley sunglasses cannot be fixed once they have been broken. This is because they're made of highly particular materials that create smooth lines and weren't meant to repair cracks or breaks. This is why it's critical to take your Oakleys to an authorized dealer for repairs if they break; if you wait too long, the damage may worsen and become more expensive to fix.

If your Oakley airdrop arms break, Oakley will replace them at the dealer's cost plus shipping and handling fees. If your Oakleys are no longer covered by warranty, Oakley does not offer new parts for glasses that cannot be repaired or that do not come with a lifetime guarantee. Oakley will not be able to replace the arms in this scenario.


You should have your Oakley airdrop sunglasses fixed as soon as possible if one or both arms have broken. While Oakley were not designed with replacement parts in mind and cannot be repaired without specialized equipment, it is vital to take your awesome new prescription sunglasses to an authorized dealer or other authorized retailers so as not to deteriorate and become more expensive to repair.

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