How To Spot Fake Wayfarer Sunglasses?

How To Spot Fake Wayfarer Sunglasses?

You take out your Ray-Ban sunglasses to put them on and... they're not yours! They have someone else's initials engraved into the side of them. This brings us to our next question: Do you want to buy fake or real sunglasses?

The fake Wayfarer sunglasses are a surprisingly good copy. There are many telltale signs of these fakes though, and it just takes some practice to learn how to spot them. Fakes are everywhere these days. With the rise of technology, counterfeiting is much easier than ever before. So it's not surprising that fake sunglasses can be found all over the world. Fake Wayfarer Sunglasses are no exception. They're usually made with a cheaper plastic frame and less expensive lenses, but you may have trouble telling them apart from authentic ones if you don't know what to look for.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers that are on your shelf might be tempting, but before you make a purchase, take a look at these quick tips for identifying fake Wayfarer sunglasses:

  • First, be sure to look at the color of the frame. The darker it is, the less likely they are to be authentic.
  • Second, check for a hologram inside one lens- if there isn't one then they're most likely not genuine.
  • Third, examine any stickers on them: if they have an original sticker from Ray-Ban's parent company Luxottica Group S.p.A., then those glasses are probably fake.
  • Check the sides of the frame--if there is any text printed there (e.g., "Ray-Ban") then they're not authentic.
  • Check for gold lettering on the inside of each temple arm--authentic Ray-Bans have this feature and it should say "Made in Italy." If your glasses come with any stickers or labels attached, remove them.
  • Inspect each lens to see if they have an etched RB logo near the nose bridge.
  • Check the logo on the temples of the sunglasses. The logo should be neatly embossed into one temple; if not, then they are likely fake. The logos on authentic Wayfarers can also shift from left to right depending on how you hold them up to your face because they have two sets of hinges (one at each end).
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    How Can I Tell if my Wayfarers are Real?

    There are many different ways to tell if original wayfarer sunglasses are real or fake. The best way is to know the features that Wayfarers have, and compare them with your classic pair of Wayfarers. If you notice any differences in color, shape, or size then the Wayfarer might be a counterfeit. Another method is by looking at the logos on both arms of the glasses and comparing them side by side; they should match up perfectly.

    It's tough to tell without looking at the serial number. Here are some things you can look for and do to make sure that they are REAL: 

    • Check the color - if it is off or has faded, then it might not be an original. 
    • Look for an "RB" on the bottom right lens; this means that your sunglasses are made by Ray-Ban. 
    • Check for a sticker inside of one of the lenses with text matching what is on your receipt or invoice.
    • Make sure the logo is etched into the lens and not just printed on it
    • The arms should be straight with no bend
    • The frames should have hinges that open from the top down

    And you can also start by checking the lenses and frame. If these two things are made from plastic, then it is likely that the glasses are fake. And there should be a sticker on the nose bridge that says "LENSES" in small letters. The authenticity can also be determined by looking at the screws near the hinges - if you see any rust on them then your frames might have been tampered with and aren't authentic.

    How Do you Spot Fake Ray Bans?

    It is hard for many people to spot fake ray bans. The most common way to tell if the ray bans are fake or not is by checking the price tag. If they ring up at a much higher price than other ray bans in the store, there may be a good chance they are counterfeit. Another way you can know if ray bans classic wayfarer sunglasses are real or not is by looking at them closely and seeing if there are any imperfections on them.

    The most obvious way to tell is by the price. If a pair of ray ban wayfarer RB2132 sunglasses cost $5 or less, they are almost guaranteed to be fake. Another tactic is to compare them with an identical pair of ray ban sunglasses that you know are real. You will notice that the difference in quality and weight distribution as well as other details such as the logo on their temples will easily distinguish between authentic and fake ray bans. Also, check the lens and frame of your glasses. If they don't match up, then there is a good chance that they could be fake ray bans.

    Fake ray bans will not have UV protection and can harm your eyesight. They also will not be as durable which would result in them breaking more easily. Here are a few ways you can spot fake ray bans:

    • Price - if the eyewear is too cheap, it may be fake because of the quality
    • Logo placement - authentic ray bans should always have their logo on both arms of the glasses  
    • Quality - real ray ban sunglasses should never feel fragile or lightweight, if it doesn't seem right, then it probably isn't.



    Is There a Fake Ray-Ban Site?

    The answer is a big YES! there are many fake Ray-Ban websites out there that have similar domain names such as,,, and to trick you into thinking they are the real thing! These websites make it seem like there's no way to tell if their products are real or not. To avoid this kind of scam, make sure to purchase your next pair of Ray-Bans from the official site:, To determine if you're on a genuine Ray-Ban site or not, it's important to know some of the telltale signs of fakes, so buyer beware!

    Do Fake Ray-Bans have serial Numbers?

    Ray-Ban like Wayfarer RB2140 are well known to be a top choice among sunglasses. Ray-Ban's popularity has made it a target for counterfeiters, who produce fake Ray Bans and sell them at cheaper prices. Ray-Ban is aware of the problem and has taken steps to combat counterfeiting by placing serial numbers on all authentic Ray-Bans. However, these serial numbers may not always be visible from the outside of the glasses case.

    The answer, fortunately, is YES! Fake Ray Bans will generally have serial numbers etched onto the inside arm of the lens. This number can be used as a way to identify if your Ray-Ban product was made by Ray-Ban Incorporated or not.



    What do the Numbers Mean on Ray-Ban Sunglasses?

    There are two numbers on the arm of a pair of original wayfarers Ray-Ban sunglasses. The first number is the year it was manufactured, and the second number is which model it is. For example, if you see "638" and "2," that means that this particular pair has been made in 2006 but does not correspond to any other models designated by Ray-Bans.

    The Ray-Ban design team is always looking for ways to make their iconic sunglasses' most recognizable style more appealing. Best sports lenses are the polarized lenses that offer superior anti-reflection houses providing the very best advantages for sports activities people's eyes. They have updated the numbers that are on the arms of each pair, and now they can be found on either arm. The first number indicates the lens size in millimeters (the bigger the number, the larger your lenses). The second number tells you what percentage of UV rays are blocked by this particular frame.

    Are Glasses USA Ray-Bans Real?

    Most Ray-Ban glasses are made in Italy; Ray-Bans USA is the American market for Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban USA glasses do not have a different quality than Ray-Ban, and they are not fake. Ray-Ban has been around since 1937 and is one of the most popular brands on the planet. When you buy from a vendor that says "Ray Bans" without specifying USA or Italy, then it can be difficult to tell if your sunglasses are real or fake. 

    Ray-Ban replicas for a fraction of the price. Ray-Ban is an iconic American company that produces high-quality products that will last you a lifetime if taken care of properly. Choose the iconic Clubmaster Classic sunglasses design in black or brown frames with a crystal green lenses treatment. Ray-Ban USA sells its glasses online through Ray-Ban's website, or at select retail locations like Nordstroms or Lens Crafters. It can be hard to tell which Ray-Ban frames are real and which ones aren't so we've put together this guide to help you determine whether your Ray-Bans are authentic!

    Ray-Ban is one of the most popular brands of sunglasses in the world. Ray-Ban frames are made in Italy and China, but it's not always easy to tell at a glance whether you're getting an original or counterfeit pair. The best way to know for sure is by checking your glasses' serial number on the inside arm—the serial number will be located near the temple hinge, etched into metal below "Ray-Ban."

    Do all Ray-Bans have RB Etching?

    The Ray-Ban RB Etching is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. Many people who wear Ray-Bans are unaware that this symbol has a deeper meaning than just being Ray-Ban's logo. The RB stands for Ray and Bausch, while the etching is an abbreviation for "eternal." Ray was born in Germany and immigrated to New York where he met his future business partner, Bausch. Together they created their iconic glasses with the RB etching on them as a reminder that they would never forget what it took to get there!

    If you are wondering if All Ray-Bans have RB etching, the answer is YES. Ray-Ban has a patent on their logo, as you can see in RB4105 and they use it for branding purposes. The Ray-Ban company uses RB as its trademark signifier to show that the product is authentic Ray-Ban merchandise. Ray-Ban has an RB etching on each of their frames which means "Ray-Ban Original".



    Do Real Ray Bans Made in Italy?

    Ray bans originated from America! Ray-ban was founded by Benjamin Franklin Bausch and the company's first production facility was established on the outskirts of Rochester, NY. This is where ray bans were made for many years until they began to buy factories overseas.

    BUT there are many different ray ban companies and they don't all make their products in the same place. This means it isn't always possible to know if ray bans were made in Italy or not just from looking at them. And even if ray bans say "Made in Italy" on them that doesn't necessarily mean they were manufactured there. They could have been designed and created there but then sent over to China for assembly which is a common practice among ray ban manufacturers nowadays. 

    The answer is NO! Fake ray bans are made in China, Hong Kong, or any other country that has low labor costs. ray bans that say "Made in Italy" are authentic! If they don't say it, then it's a fake product and should be avoided at all costs!

    Are Real Ray Bans Made in China?

    The answer is NO! Because Ray-Ban sunglasses were originally made in Italy. Ray-Bans are one of the most popular brands on the planet. Ray-Ban is an Italian company that manufactures sunglasses and other optical products, so it makes sense that Ray-Bans are made in Italy. Ray-Ban has a high-quality reputation, which means that people who buy Ray-Bans want to know where they were manufactured. Some consumers think Ray Bands come from China because they can purchase them for very cheap prices. However, these knockoffs will not provide you with the same quality as real Ray-Ban glasses!

    Eyeglasses123 is a well-known wayfarer classic eyeglasses & frame brand that competes against other prescription eyeglass stores like EyeBuyDirect, Zenni Optical, and other brands.

    Ray-Ban new wayfarer is one of the most popular brands in glasses. Ray-Bans are often associated with style, luxury, and class. Ray-Ban frames have been worn by countless celebrities and musicians throughout history. The company Ray-Ban has been manufacturing their products for over 80 years and they have always made them in Italy. 

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