Ultimate Size Guide to Ray-Ban Wayfarer?

Ultimate Size Guide to Ray-Ban Wayfarer?

Original Wayfarer Sunglasses are some of the most popular eyewear on the market today. In this blog post, we will explore why they have become so popular and what you should know before buying a pair for yourself.

Nowadays, they're worn by everyone to protect themselves from UV rays, even though they may not be working in an environment where it's necessary to shield their eyes from the sun. Check out this article about Wayfarer Sunglasses!

Newest Trend To Consider Among eyewear:

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarers are some of the most iconic right lenses and popular eyeglasses ever created. Ray-Ban was founded in 1937 by Ray-Ban, Bausch & Lomb Optical Company, and American Optical Corporation. Ray-Ban has produced a variety of different styles over the years to suit customer needs, but Ray-Ban Wayfarers have remained one of their top products because they’re timeless classics that never go out of style. With so many models to choose from it can be hard to find the perfect pair for you, which is why we put together this ultimate size guide to help make your decision easier!

Ray-Ban wayfarer classic is one of the most iconic eyeglasses Ray-Ban has ever created. Ray-Ban is known for its timeless designs and Ray-Ban Wayfarers are no exception. Ray-Ban Wayfarers come in a wide range of sizes fashion original packaging, so finding your perfect fit should be easy! If you were having trouble determining your size, don't worry - we've got you covered with our guarantee Ultimate Size Guide to Ray-Ban Wayfarers!

How to measure Ray-Ban Wayfarer sizes?

It is important to measure Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses sizes correctly in order to get the correct right lens Ray-Ban Wayfarer eyeglasses. Measurements are taken from the arm hinge

  • which is where the temple meets the frame, lens width
  • and bridge length
  • Ray-Ban glasses come in a variety of eyeglass frames shapes and exact same model styles, so please make sure you know what style you would like before proceeding with measuring your Ray Ban Wayfarer size prescription lenses polarized lens options.

Here are some helpful tips on measuring Ray-Ban Wayfarer dimensions:

1. Measure the width of your nose at its widest point by using a measuring tape or ruler

2. The bridge size measures the distance from one lens to the other lens in millimeters. It is measured by placing a ruler against the top edge of each lens and measuring where they meet at the center.

3. The arm size measures from the end of one temple piece (the pieces that go over your ears) to the other temple piece

To find A measurement: Start by holding your Ray-Ban frames up to eye level and look through them while someone measures across your nose at its widest point. The person taking measurements should be looking straight ahead at an imaginary object 12 inches away with their arms.

What are the Ray-Ban Wayfarer sizes?

The Ray-Ban RB2140 Classic Wayfareris one of the most iconic, recognizable, and imitated eyeglasses models in history. Ray-Ban has been producing these since the 1950s and they are still going strong to this day. The Ray-Ban Wayfarers come in many different sizes to suit your unique face shape. 

Ray-Ban Wayfarers come in 6 different sizes:

49mm, 51mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm and 62mm.

What is the small Ray Ban Wayfarer size?

Ray-ban classic style is one of the most popular brands in the world and Ray-Ban eyeglasses are a favorite among many people. There are three frame sizes for Ray-Bans: small, medium, large. A small Ray-Ban will be 49mm or less across measured at the widest point (the lens) and 140mm or less long from temple to temple across the front of your frame.

What is the largest Ray-Ban Wayfarer?

People often ask us what Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are the largest. Ray-Ban has a variety of different Ray-Ban Wayfarers for all shapes and sizes, but for those people who want the biggest frames available we recommend Ray-Ban's 59mm Metal Frame Sunglasses. These frames offer polarized lenses to reduce glare from water or snow, as well as an exclusive patented "Lightweight" construction that makes them comfortable to wear even on hot days in cool fashion!

Which Ray Ban Wayfarer frames are the smallest?

Ray-Ban Wayfarer frames are the classic Ray-Ban sunglasses. Ray-Ban is known for its timeless style and quality, which makes them a favorite among celebrities like Paris Hilton. Ray-Ban sunglasses come in many different sizes; however, there are some that are most popular than others, including the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Rb2132. This Ray-ban frame is said to be one of the smallest Ray-Bans produced by Ray-Ban and has been spotted on stars such as Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

How to check the size of Ray-Ban Wayfarer?

Ray-Ban Wayfarer is a popular sunglasses brand in the world. Ray Ban's eyeglasses are available in many sizes and colors. Ray-Ban Wayfarer has so many different styles, like Ray-ban aviator, Ray-ban new wayfarer, Ray-ban wayfarers for men or women and etc. But how to check the size of Ray-Ban Wayfarer? There are two ways to find out the size of your Ray-Ban Wayfarer:

  • measure it with a ruler;
  • First off, measure your head circumference using a soft measuring tape or string. You'll want to use centimeters because Ray-Ban sizes are in millimeters (mm). 
  • The Ray-Ban size chart measures the width of your head from temple to temple. Use this measurement and compare it with the Ray-Ban sizing chart on our website for an idea of which frames will work best
  • Make sure that when trying on Ray Bans in-store or online, you wear them like they will be worn on your face (i.e., wearing glasses if necessary). 
  • try on other glasses that you think will fit you well.


1). Place a sheet of paper over your head with the corners touching at the top of your forehead.

2). Mark where each side touches on both sides of the paper.

3). Measure between those two points and inches will be equal to your frame size!

What is the standard Ray-Ban Wayfarer size?

Ray-Ban Wayfarers are a timeless classic and go with nearly any outfit. Ray-Ban has been making Ray-Bans for over 80 years, which means they have perfected the art of Ray-Ban sizing. Ray-Ban sizes range from 50mm to 61mm in width and from 144 mm to 152 mm in height. The most common size is 53/145, which is perfect for people who wear eyeglasses that are medium size or smaller. These sizes range from 49mm - 54mm, which typically fit people with average head size (medium). If you need something smaller or bigger than these measurements. But the standard size of Ray-Ban Wayfarer is 50mm in width and 145mm in height with a bridge of 20mm across (measured from lens to temple).

Ray-Bans RB2140 are so comfortable they will feel like an extension of your own face! If you want to know more about how this style could fit your individual needs, be sure to visit our website today! Eyeglasses123.com can help fit you with your perfect pair of Ray-Bans!

How do I know what size my Ray-Ban Wayfarer is?

If you've been searching for Ray-Bans, but aren't sure what size your Ray-Ban Wayfarer is, we're here to help! Here are three ways to find out the size of Ray-Bans so that you can buy the perfect pair:

1. Check the inside of the sunglasses case - Ray-Ban cases will have a sticker with the frame measurements on them. 

2. Measure your current Ray-Ban glasses and compare them to our available sizes in order for you to make a purchase decision. 

3. Use our handy dandy Ray-Ban Fit Finder tool below!

This handy little device will help you determine which size Ray-Bans work best for your face shape and give you some great ideas on how to wear them too.

Measurements: Measure the width of your head from temple to temple, then measure the length of your nose from the bridge (or where glasses will rest on.)

Final Thoughts

Ray-ban Wayfarers are the most popular Ray-Ban eyeglasses frame. Ray-Ban website has guidelines and size charts for Ray-Bans, including the Ray-Ban Wayfarer. Ray-Ban states on its website that "the key to finding your perfect fit is to first measure your face." From this sentence, we can see that Ray-Ban recommends measuring one's face before ordering a pair of Ray-Bans or Ray-Ban Wayfarers online. 

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