Ray-Ban sunglasses - Which are right for you?

Ray Ban sunglasses  Which are right for you

Ray-Ban sunglasses are a great choice for those looking to make a style statement. Ray-Ban has been making quality eyewear since 1937 and their iconic Wayfarer is one of the most recognizable styles in the world. Ray-Bans have evolved, but they still maintain that classic Ray-Ban look that set them apart from other brands years ago. Ray-Bans also come in a variety of colors, so you can find something perfect for your personal preference and protection from blue light. Ray-Ban sunglasses are available in many styles and sizes, so you can find the one that is perfect for your face.

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Which should you be buying?

Though Ray Ban sunglasses are known for their adaptability, some facial types and sunglasses styles work well with them. Ray-Bans are considered to be more than just a fashion statement because of their durability and beautiful frames. They aren't your run-of-the-mill dollar store sunglasses that get scratched up in your carry-on bag or on the dashboard of your car. When you own a pair of Ray-Bans collections, you are the owner of something special.

Ray-Ban sunglasses have a frame for every personality type and facial shape for ladies. The Ray-Ban Clubmasters Classic in sleek black or gorgeous tortoise frame styles can be a good choice for a classy woman with a tiny face. If the woman is stylish and fun. Ray-Ban Nina is a pair of cat-eye-shaped plastic frames that recall back to a time when Technicolor was a choice but the blonde was a must-have in color or black-and-white. Also with appropriate pair of sunglasses, men are somewhat simple to fit. Man is fantasized about rocking the Ray-Ban Aviator or looking like a total badass or complete. Ray-Ban has a pair of sunglasses for every occasion instead of contact lenses.

Here is a list of some of the top ray ban sunglasses to consider before making your choice. And we'll go through the top three in more detail later.

  1. Ray-Ban Aviator
  2. Ray-Ban Wayfarer
  3. Ray-Ban Clubmaster
  4. Ray-Ban 4371
  5. Ray-Ban Round Metal
  6. Ray-Ban Nina

You should consider choosing original Ray-Ban sunglasses from an online company because fake sunglasses are common in stores and on the internet and can cause damage to your eyes. It may not be good for blue light or it has no high-quality materials.

Ray-Ban Aviators

Since the Rayban Aviators have been around for so long, it has graduated from the "military-style." or "pilot-style" designation. It's now simply plain trendy, with UV protection, and it goes with everything from ultra-casual to fancy. Polarized lenses for better clarity and contrast are available as an option with aviator sunglasses. Limited editions and custom models are also available for a one-of-a-kind look that reflects your personality while maintaining the Ray-Ban touch. 

You may be confused by the many types and styles of Ray-Ban Aviators or wish to know the differences between some of the models. These are the different types: 

The Ray-Ban Aviator RB3025 is the most well-known model in the Ray-Ban Aviator line. These aviators have a drippy frame form and are a classic Ray-Ban sunglasses style. The Ray-Ban RB3025 highlights what a Ray-Ban Aviator sunglass is all about. There are three lens sizes available for the RB3025, 55mm (small/medium), 58mm (medium/large), and 62mm (large) (large, XL).

The Ray-Ban Aviator RB3030, also known as the Outdoorsman, is a popular vintage frame. Has a terrific style, and the sweat bar at the top of the frame adds to the sunglasses' stylish cool look for any event. They're only available in two colors the Arista Gold and Black frame.

The Ray-Ban Aviator RB3138, The Ray-Ban RB3138 is a superb aviator style known as the Shooters and is from the men's line. There are two lens diameters to choose from in these types of aviators a 58mm and 62mm.

The Ray-Ban Aviator RB8307 is the aviator for you if you prefer an extremely light frame. This is now the latest addition to the Tech-series. A fantastic titanium frame with a lot of character.

The Ray-Ban Aviator RB3449 is a rimless aviator style by Ray-Ban. If you're seeking an ultra-compact yet still want the RB3025, you've found them. Ray-Ban recently debuted this model as it comes also with fantastic color variations.

Are Ray-Ban Aviators worth it?

In all of their varieties, Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses are a great choice for anyone wishing to save money while still getting Ray-Ban quality. With three lens sizes to choose from, you're guaranteed to discover one that best fits your face. Because of their durability and attractive frames, Ray-Bans are considered more than just fashion statements. They are not designed to break and are comfortable to wear. Ray-Ban Aviators are worth it because they feature a frame for every personality type and facial shape.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Ray-Ban Wayfarers are a timeless classic that never goes out of style. Because of their timeless design, the Ray-Ban Wayfarers have become Ray-most Ban's iconic style. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer RB2140 sunglasses were introduced in 1952 and rapidly became one of Ray Ban's most popular models. Among celebrities and models, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer is a popular choice. Ray-Ban Wayfarers are well-known not just for their style, but also for their lifetime warranty.

The original Ray-Ban Wayfarer they are made from injection-molded plastic and not acetate. They have the original slanted frames that lean away from the face, giving them a Blues Brothers-style appeal. While the New Wayfarer Ray-Ban Sunglasses.

The New Wayfarer, on the other hand, modifies the original design for a less edgy style. A more rounded frame and a less dramatic slope toward the cheeks are among the subtle changes. As a consequence, you get a ridiculously versatile pair of glasses that keeps its casual cool while still a new wayfarer ray ban is working with almost any face shape and personal style.

Are Ray-Ban Wayfarers worth it?

Ray Ban Wayfarers are worth it because Ray-Ban is a company that has been making sunglasses for over 100 years and they have nailed the design of Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Ray-Ban's warranty on their frames proves how much they value their customers, which makes Ray-Ban Wayfarers worth it.

The genuine benefit of a pair of Wayfarers over a pair of wrap-around, according to the survey, is that they go with considerably more clothing choices and may easily be an everyday pair you keep in the car. If you discover that they are the best frame shape for your face, invest in a few pairs in various frame colors.

Ray-Ban Clubmasters

Ray-Ban Clubmasters are Ray-Bans newest style for 2017 they were designed with a prescription lens option and boast Ray-Bans signature "Clubmaster" look. The Ray-Ban Clubmasters is the most iconic of all Ray-Ban styles. It features an unmistakable geometric design that has become as recognizable to fans of Ray-Ban sunglasses over time as Ray-Bans signature Ray-Ban logo.

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster is designed to be worn in a face-forward fashion and not on top of the head like traditional aviator sunglasses. Ray-Bans are guaranteed and popular because they don't have bulky lenses that block your vision, making them convenient for everyday wear and driving glasses when you're behind the wheel.

Here are two of the best types of Ray Ban Clubmaster,

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster RB3016 is the most iconic and classic of Ray-Ban's because of its classical/limitless look for style and fashion, it is undoubtedly Ray-Ban sunglasses' third best-selling style and will continue to remain so.

The Ray-Ban Catty Clubmasters are exactly what they sound like a cat-eye variation on the classic range of Clubmaster frames. Made specifically for women, this brings a classic frame with a fantastic style and fits an added edge.

Are Ray-Ban Clubmasters worth it?

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic are worth it because Ray-Ban is a company that has been making sunglasses for over 100 years and they have nailed the design of Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Ray-Ban's warranty on their frames proves how much they value their customers and not just for the sales, which makes Ray-Bans worth it. However, we have spoken with a few Ray-Ban sunglasses users, particularly those who have tried on the Ray Ban Clubmaster glasses, and here are some of their thoughts on its worth.

"In terms of overall quality and performance, the Ray-Ban Clubmaster falls short of the competition. Their polarized lenses help block out the sun's harsh rays, but their front-heavy design and pop-out nose pads leave significant coverage gaps. Our nose pads become entangled in our hair when we push them up to go inside. This is, in some ways, worthwhile." - Mindy, 27

"The Clubmasters are still somewhat expensive for their price and a not-so-good performance. There are several other options that we evaluated for a pair of sunglasses that cost less yet function better."- Margaux,33

What Face Shape is Best for You?

The Ray-Ban Wayfarers are best for people who have a rounder face because they bring out the curves in your cheeks. They work well with square and triangular-shaped faces as well, but if you want to go for an angular look then Ray-Bans would not be recommended. Ray-Ban Clubmasters will suit those individuals that have an oval-shaped face, rounder faces or are looking for a more classic Ray-Ban style. The Ray-Ban Clubmasters are best for individuals who have a longer nose because the other two Ray-Bans styles we mentioned before Rayban Wayfarers make it harder to see when you're wearing them on your head. Clubmaster Ray-Ban are also best for people who have more angular faces because the Ray-Ban Clubmaster is a heavier frame and will balance out your face. The Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses suit most people, although they appear best on people with heart-shaped faces. Ray-Ban sunglasses emphasize a significant facial feature. Our Online sunglasses store has varieties of styles to choose from the collection and get exclusive access at eyeglasses123.com.


In conclusion, Ray Ban Sunglasses can work with most types of facial shapes but each person has their preferences on what they feel looks good or not so we recommend trying them all to see for yourself what Ray-Ban style looks best on you. Ophthalmologist recommends that you consider sunglasses as a wise health option rather than a fashion statement. Long-term exposure to the sun without sufficient protection can create an increase in the risk of eye illnesses such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and even cancer, according to researchers and also an Independent doctor.

Photokeratitis, or a sunburn on the front of the eye, can be caused by even brief exposure. When shopping for sunglasses, seek lenses that block 99 percent to 100 percent of UVA and UVB radiation. Ray-Ban sunglasses are reasonably priced and have both protective lenses and long-lasting frames. Because the company has maintained faithful to its name for almost 100 years, you know exactly what you're receiving high-quality materials. Choosing a pair of Ray-Ban brands of sunglasses of these aviators will be a good investment.

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