Mens Ray Ban Wayfarer Sale

Mens Ray Ban Wayfarer Sale

Men's Ray Ban Wayfarer Sale

Men enjoy owning classic Aviator or Wayfarer sunglasses, yet purchasing these styles can be costly. Wayfarers sunglasses are an ideal way to achieve an iconic, sophisticated aesthetic. They suit most face shapes well, helping elongate the face in turn.

Why is Wayfarer so expensive?

One of the reasons Wayfarer sunglasses are so expensive is, that Ray-Ban is a popular luxury brand. The manufacturer has positioned it to sell for a higher price to compete with similar quality premium brands like Oakley and Costa Del Mar. In addition, the manufacturer Luxottica spends a tremendous amount of money on advertising its brand to its customers.

Wayfarer sunglasses are a classic style that has been around since 1952 and are still very popular. The shape works well for most facial structures and looks great on almost everyone.

 Ray-Ban products are the best-selling sunglasses and eyeglasses in the world. Ray-Ban is well known for the Iconic Wayfarer, Aviators, Clubmaster and so many other Iconic styles. Unfortunately, because of its popularity, many copies or fakes are being made. Ray-Ban has spent millions of dollars to thwart off these fakes and has done an amazing job. To ensure your sunglasses are authentic you will need to buy from an authorized dealer like Authorized dealers offer authentic products, and a 2-year warranty on every pair of Wayfarer, and all products are sourced exclusively from the manufacturer.

How Much Is A Wayfarer?

In 2024 Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses MSRP start at $160.00 USD.

Ray-Ban sunglasses do cost a lot because of the use of premium materials like acetate in their frames which is more labor-intensive to manufacture, and the use of premium lenses many of their lenses are still made from glass. In addition, Ray-Ban lenses offer UV protection and are polarized, further increasing costs.

Ray-Ban is also known for their premium components, unparalleled craftsmanship, and premium production methods that ensure long-term use, Ray-Ban’s are known to last for years and years. When considering a Wayfarer from Ray-Ban you can feel comfortable that you are buying a quality product that feels great and looks great.

Does Ray-Ban ever have sales?

Ray-Ban has sales throughout the year that can save you up to 20-30-40-50% off their various styles and colors. Keep an eye out during holiday seasons Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and other major holidays like Black Friday or Cyber Monday as these may offer some incredible offers! offers 40% off on every Ray-Ban, Oakley, and all other major brand sunglasses every day. Since Luxottica enforces a MAP Policy (minimum advertised price) discounts are available once items are placed in the cart and at checkout. There is no longer a need to wait for a sale.

If you are dissatisfied with your Ray-Ban purchase, offers 15 15-day return policy. Returns can be started by logging into your account and clicking on the returns button. Or you can contact us at      

What is the difference between the Wayfarer and the Original Wayfarer?

Wayfarer sunglasses have long been one of the most recognizable styles in sunglasses history, first introduced in 1952. Since their introduction, this timeless classic has become a beloved fashion symbol seen both on Hollywood movie sets and around the globe. If you are in the market for some new Wayfarers there are two main versions: Original Wayfarer and New Wayfarer styles;. However, similar in appearance there are distinct differences that set each apart.

The distinguishing factor between Original and New Wayfarer sunglasses is that the front of the frame on New Wayfarers does not incline towards the wearer's face, making them appear slightly more modern than their older counterpart. Their frames are also thinner and lighter, providing more sleekness in appearance; plus, there is a wider variety of color options to find something suitable.

The new Wayfarer is also rounded and has a softer feel and look. The new Wayfarer is available in many colors and offers many lens options like mirrors, polarized, gradient tints, and of course Ray-Ban’s iconic G-15 Green lenses. These lenses are made from glass and block out 85% of the light’s transmission. Making them the perfect choice for everyday wear.

Which face shape is a Wayfarer for?

Wayfarer sunglasses are great for people who have an oval or round face shape. They are also popular with a long face shape as they are a good balance. People with a large forehead might want to try an Aviator shape as it brings more attention to the lower part of your face. In addition to head size, bridge size is an important consideration since Asians and African Americans tend to have narrow bridges and high cheekbones. Ray-Ban offers the New Wayfarer in an Asian fit. RB2132F has a built-up nose pad that is narrower and raises the sunglasses off their cheeks.

If you have a short face, aviators will be more suitable as they sit lower on your nose than Wayfarers. Aviators also make an ideal option if your bridge is narrow since they will sit closer together on your nose than Wayfarers do.

However, it's important to remember that not all colors will suit you perfectly; so it is wise to try on several pairs before making a purchase decision. It is therefore advisable to visit stores offering an assortment of Ray-Ban glasses to be able to compare and contrast various frames until one stands out as perfect for you and your face shape.

Once you have selected the best pair for you, record the mode, color, and size information or take a picture of the UPC and search on and receive 40% off retail pricing at checkout on authentic eyewear from a certified dealer.


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