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        Back to School! What Pair of Ray-ban Sunglasses will you wear?

        Back to School What Pair of Ray-ban Sunglasses will you wear

        School is back in session, and Ray-Ban has all the right gear to make it a smooth transition. So whether you're looking for sunglasses or a new backpack, Ray-Ban has something for everyone.
        The Ray-Ban brand was founded by Bausch & Lomb in 1937 when Ray-Ban Sr., an American optical designer living in Italy at the time, invented the world's first wraparound lens glasses that could be mass-produced economically after his son complained about having to hold his hand over one eye while playing baseball because their lenses were so thick! showcases lots of ray ban eyewear collections with different shapes and styles.

        Excited? Probably Not

        It's that time of year once more. Autumn arrives after a summer of adventure, partying, and lounging about, and the late-night cramming sessions and hours of crying in your room return. Excited? Isn't that the case? At the very least, you can look forward to flashing your new specs around the classroom! So, just in time for class, find out which spectacles are in style right now. Check the authorized Ray-Ban online dealer Eyeglasses123, for a showcase of fantastic pairs.

        Large, Square Frames

        Large or oversized square frames suit a wide range of facial types, but they look incredibly excellent on those with round, heart, or oval faces. In addition, square edges, like other brands, match with a wide range of clothes, so you'll never have to wonder if you should wear glasses when you leave the house or go to class again.

        Ray-Ban RX5228’s

        Large frames like the Ray-Ban RX5228 have been a favorite of students all around the world for years. Oversized square frames will help you stand out by making you look clever, seductive, and trendy all at the same time. In addition, because the broader frames close in around your eyes, they draw attention to them, making them the focal point of your face.

        Ray-Ban RX5228 Eyeglasses - (5547) Blue/Demo

        Ray-Ban Clubmaster

        The Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic's signature design, shape, and appearance are both retro and timeless. Clubmaster spectacles, which were inspired by the cultural revolution of the 1950s, have been seen in Hollywood classic films and worn by cultural elites. Clubmasters offer a distinctive look that is both attractive and functional. The Ray-Ban Clubmaster includes black or brown frames with the G-15 crystal green lens treatment and is made entirely of acetate with metal additions for added rigidity. Ray-Ban Clubmasters, a hybrid of Square and Wayfarer designs, is one of the more daring pairs of Square framed glasses. These glasses are more trendy and appealing than standard Oversized Square frames, and they're worth a try.

        Ray-Ban Clubmaster RX5154 Eyeglasses - (5649) Black On Texture Camuflage/Demo

        Rectangle frames

        Rectangular metal frames secure the big rectangular lenses in these retro-inspired frames, which take their inspiration directly from the Ray-Ban vault. Rectangular glasses are a timeless classic that looks nice in every situation. More and more loves to wear rectangular frames for their fab and classy look.

        Gucci GG 1066

        Gucci GG 1066 is a fashionable Men's frame type of sunglasses. These trendy prescription glasses can accommodate most prescription lenses. A stylish full-frame design is featured on these Glasses. In addition, the lenses have a rim around them for optimal stability and longevity.
        Its frame is made of acetate plastic and may be easily adjusted for a custom fit. There is a single bridge on edge. This model is designed for adults and features a Regular type hinge for added comfort.

        Ray-Ban RX6238

        People who wear rectangle frames like the Ray-Ban RX6238 are often linked with intelligence and academic prowess, making them ideal for school, gatherings, and meetings. Rectangular frames, like Square frames, look fantastic on persons with round, heart, or oval-shaped faces, but they can also look terrific on square-shaped faces.

        Ray-Ban RX6238 Eyeglasses - (2509) Shiny Black/Demo

        Round and Oval

        The Round line is a large category of Ray-Ban sunglasses that includes various varieties ranging from totally round think John Lennon to semi-rectangular (think Don Draper from Mad Men) and even hexagonal. Most of the Round line's frame styles are also available with regular or flat lenses for a look that's a little more dazzling than your ordinary pair of shades. For a look that's more reminiscent of the 1990s but still counts as a classic, the Oval narrows in on the silhouette of Ray-iconic Ban's Round frames. As a result, the Oval exudes 1996 Brad Pitt (or The Matrix, if that's more your speed), with metal frames, silicone nose pads, and various lens options ranging from the G15 to gradient lenses and more. Like the Persol PO3092V, round glasses have an intellectual yet fashionable vibe to them, and oval spectacles, like the Ralph Lauren RA7045, give you a no-nonsense vibe.

        Ralph Lauren RA7045

        Ralph Lauren is a brand created by Ralph Lauren. RA7045 RALPH by Ralph Lauren is the world-famous label's hipper, calm, and younger. With brilliant bursts of vibrant blue and light brown along with the acetate frames, the RA7045 perfectly encapsulates the brand's youthful personality. These glasses are great for the busy urbanite. In addition, you may wear these spectacles with confidence because of our customizable, scratch-resistant, and anti-reflective lenses.